January 23, 2018

Personal Injury Claims: Are Insurers Ripping Off Their Customers?

As an insurance company, it’s your job to make sure any claims you pay out are for as small an amount as possible. Sometimes, it can be hard to judge how much compensation should get awarded. You often hear cases of people receiving small payouts over stuff.

But, you never think that would happen to you. The truth is; insurers will get out of paying any money if they believe they can get away with it! One such example is with personal injury claims. It doesn’t matter if you injured yourself at work or in a public place.

You still have to contend with covering the cost of any medical bills. And if you’ve suffered major injuries, you can expect those fees to become five-figure amounts! Let’s say you’ve injured yourself at work. Your boss encourages you to make a claim against the firm’s insurance. You then get an offer that is somewhat underwhelming.



Is the insurance company ripping you off? Well, some people might assume that is the case. From the insurer’s viewpoint, they’re trying to lower their liability as much as possible. And for obvious reasons!

So, if the worst should happen to you, what are your options? Let me walk you through them so that you can better prepare yourself.

Make lots of notes

As soon as you’ve sustained the injury, the first thing you need to do is make notes of what happened. The insurance company will want a detailed account of events from your point of view. They need this so they can assess the claim and the compensation they feel you should have.

If possible, give them photographic evidence of the scene. For example, let’s say you tripped on an uneven path. It is the local authority’s responsibility to ensure the sidewalk is safe to use.



You should also have your doctor send a copy of their medical report either to you or the insurance company. That way, the insurers will have a full account of the events that happened. And they will know how severe the injury is that you sustained.

Get a lawyer to handle your case

Attorney Ken Wilhelm says lawyers can often negotiate better settlements and terms on your behalf. And if you ask any compensation recipient, they will tell you the same thing too.

As a claimant, you are quite entitled to reject the first offer put before you. Especially if you feel the amount of compensation offered isn’t equal to your costs. You have the right to ask for a reassessment of the claim, so don’t think that you can only “take it or leave it” so to speak!

Let’s say that tripping over the uneven sidewalk has left you out of action for a month. You have a loss of earnings to contend with, and you’ll have to bear the cost of medical expenses.



The first offer an insurer puts on the table is usually one far below what you should get paid. That’s why it is crucial you reject it!

Good luck.

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