February 21, 2018

Plans for formation of an advocacy group

The families of British Columbians killed or seriously hurt by police are meeting this weekend with hopes of setting up an advocacy group for people like them.

“I don’t think they should be investigating themselves and I mean, I think they should just go through the system like every other citizen does.”

Al Wright’s son Alvin was 22 when he was shot and killed by a Langley Mountie two years ago, “We just kind of get left out. The Coroner’s Inquests and things of this nature, which really don’t do anything other that just kind of patronize the families.  This is what the problem is. They seem to be kind of immune to any kind of discipline, the RCMP or any police agency in the Province for that matter.”

Wright says Sunday’s workshop, hosted by the BC Civil Liberties Association, will include talk about how effective BC’s new Independent Investigations Office has been.

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