January 23, 2018

Premier’s staff brush off latest allegations of misusing resources

The Premier’s Chief of Staff is downplaying more damning accounts of the BC Liberals using government resources for partisan needs.
The Province newspaper is reporting that Premier Christy Clark insiders hatched a plan to use government resources to get the Liberals ahead in swing ridings.
This, after a report this week found there were serious misuses of government resources and staff on the liberals’ strategy to court the ethnic vote ahead of this May’s election.  
The Province quotes confidential sources who say the Premier’s staff organized back in 2011 several teams who would help the Liberals swing ridings — with at least one meeting happening in a Cabinet Minister’s office.
Clark’s Chief of Staff, Dan Doyle, says he’s been advised that teams of political staff did discuss swing ridings at the legislature.
But he says no one should be surprised that political staff talk politics during their work day, and that this initiative was ‘fairly well known’ at the time because it involved so many people.

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