February 18, 2018

Proposed casino project voted down by Surrey council will not go to another area of the municipality

After a proposed casino and entertainment complex was nixed by Surrey City Council early Saturday morning, BC’s Minister responsible for gaming says the complex will not go to another location in the city.

Rich Coleman says the city has indicated it’s not interested after saying no to the complex on a property that is already zoned for a casino.

He says there’s nowhere else in Surrey zoned for that use, so looking at another location in that city would mean starting back at the zoning process.

“It’s always been the policy in gaming for us that we don’t go into a community or force something on a community that don’t want it. So they’ve indicated to us they don’t want it, so we’ll be done with that.”

Coleman says he’s disappointed for Surrey that the complex won’t be built.

As for other locations, Colemany says they “have had inquiries from some first nations and some other communities as to whether we would consider them.  But that’s too early in the game to even think about.”

After two public hearings went for hours, council voted against the one-hundred-million dollar complex that would have been near 10th Avenue and 168th Street.

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