February 22, 2018

Protest at the B.C. Legislature

Conservationists, forestry workers, and first nations are joining forces today to send a message to political leaders.

They plan to form a human circle around the legislature.

B.C. environmental activist Ken Wu says the government needs to establish a plan to protect B.C.’s endangered old-growth forests and ensure sustainable forestry jobs in the province.

“There’s a broad base movement now where forestry workers are working together with the environmentalists for a plan that will work for everybody. Where the tourism businesses are also speaking up for ancient forests. First nations, whose land this is, have there own land use plan, call for old-growth protection. During this pre-election period, there is an expectation that B.C.’s politicians will actually lead.”

Just last week the government backed out of Bill 8, which would have granted private companies logging rights to large sections of public land.

Wu claims more than 1,000 people have pledged to attend the protest in Victoria today.

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