February 23, 2018

Public consultation is being muzzled. Or, is it?

That from an NPA Park Board Commissioner now that staff will not be coming to the board this Monday with a plan for public consultation on a controversial issue.
Melissa De Genova says a memo has gone out saying the Park Board Chair has directed staff to not go before the Board with a consultation plan on the centralizing of community centres’ revenue, “So, the chair who voted for my motion has flip-flopped now and changed her mind and is muzzling public consultation.”

De Genova says on Monday she’ll be asking the Chair to put the motion back on the agenda.
Last month, a plan was approved for centres’ revenue to be pooled, with a goal of creating greater equity.

Vision Vancouver Commissioner, Niki Sharma says a plan *will* be developed and brought back to the Board, it just won’t be on Monday.

Sharma says Park Board General Manager, Malcolm Bromley has talked to the Community Centre Association volunteers who are negotiating with the Park Board.
She says they need more time for a plan to be put together, “So, it’s just basically, I think out of respect for the negotiations that are going on, that we didn’t want to do anything that would distress any of the volunteers by going public with things that are not in agreement yet.”

Sharma says negotiations on the revenue plan are happening every Saturday.

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