February 18, 2018

Some businesses are prepared for PST comeback

Many small business owners in Vancouver say they are ready for the switch back to provincial sales tax on Monday, even if they’re not happy about it.

Gerry Lewarne, co-owner of Crocodile Baby on Fourth Avenue, says he has taken the necessary steps to move away from the harmonized sales tax.

“Seems okay. There’s no real major problem with doing it, and I’m sure that we’ll do something wrong in the next three weeks and we’ll figure it out, and we’ll get it fixed and that’ll be done.”

Lewarne says he won’t enjoy having to report to a second government authority, meaning the province as well as the federal government, and doing so 12 times a year – instead of just four, as he had been doing under the HST.  

Provincial authorities say they have been trying to get business owners to register for the PST’s return, but so far, only just above half who need to have done so.

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