February 23, 2018

Surrey residents say they’re living in fear

RCMP say if you’re a law-abiding citizen you have nothing to worry about.

But people in Surrey living close to where two bodies were found this morning say they are living in fear.

Resident Bob Campbell says bodies are being dumped on Colebrook Road, while drive by shootings, and killings have also happened on the ridge above.

Campbell says there are also drug houses and it has reached the point where people no longer feel safe.

“Our citizens are really scared. We had one citizens send us a letter this morning, that was actually copied the Solicitor General saying, “Help us”. And people in this are who walk their dogs at night, who go in the park–we love it for what it is, but you can’t do that, because what if you’re there when someone is dragging a body out of a car and you’re walking your dog”.

People in the area are looking for help as they meet with Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts. 

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