December 16, 2017

The Premier nixes extending the legislative session even as the HST bill looms

It hasn’t even been tabled yet, but the bill to eliminate the HST and restore the PST is already looming in Victoria.

 Staff are working overtime on the bill which has been described as phone-book sized, although Finance minister Kevin Falcon quibbles with that.

 He said “certainly we’re talking about a bill in excess of 150 pages.”

 In any case, debating time is running out with the legislature set to shut down on May 31st.

 And Premier Christy Clark shot down any suggestion of an extension despite what Liberal House leader Rich Coleman said earlier today, She said “we’re not gonna be extending the session.”

 But Clark says politicians may also have to work overtime to get the bill passed “you know there will certainly be time to debate it and members will have a chance to debate it I’m sure as thoroughly as most would like.” 

 Still Clark is not ruling out closure to end the debate.

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