February 23, 2018

The process to select a new pope begins tomorrow

Roman Catholic Cardinals begin the process of electing a new pope tomorrow.

Italian Cardinal Angelo Sodano will offer the opening mass tomorrow morning in latin.

The sacred act in St. Peter’s Basilica officially starts the papal conclave.

It’s open to the public as well.

All of the prelates continue to abide by the strict oath of secrecy that occurs every conclave.

Vatican spokesman Father Frederico Lombardi announced 90 auxiliary personnel assisting inside the Vatican will swear a similar oath.

The 90 include religious men and women, doctors, drivers, even the Sistine Chapel’s cleaners.

All three Canadian Cardinals, Marc Ouelette of Quebec, John Turcotte of Montreal, and Thomas Collins of Toronto are part of the voting college.

The vote, tomorrow afternoon, may or may not take place, according to Vatican spokesman Frederico Lombardi.

He’ll let the media know tomorrow.

Even a chimney camera has been installed.

The Vatican lens will gaze upon the Sistine Chapel’s famous smokestack 24/7.

The first vote by the cardinals could begin tomorrow at 6:30am pacific time.

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