January 23, 2018

The separation of church and…school?

School trustees in Chilliwack have once again okayed the distribution of religious materials to students, and that has the BC Civil Liberties Association on alert.
The District used to grant special permission for Gideon Bibles to be handed out, until a parent complained. Now, the policy has been amended to allow any material to be distributed.
But, BCCLA Executive Director Josh Paterson says the district has still mostly only consulted with the Gideon group, “Now, we know that they said at their school board meeting that they’re going to try and reach out to other faiths and perhaps have a multi-faith day, but our concern is that public schools are not supposed to be a place for religious indoctrination. And we have some deep concerns about this policy.”

He adds it doesn’t mean religion can never be discussed in a public school but they do plan to keep an eye on the district.

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