January 17, 2018

Tide changing on NHL fighting

A new Angus Reid Poll shows that there isn’t much appetite for on-ice fights in hockey, both among hockey fans and Canadians in general.
The poll found that 68% of hockey fans and 67% of Canadians think on-ice fights should be out of professional hockey.

78% of both hockey fans and Canadians would like to see on-ice fights banned from the country’s major junior elite leagues.
Mario Canseco is with Angus Reid, “What we see here is a little bit of a situation where there is a vocal minority that is advocating for the continuation of fights in the NHL, but when we ask fans, when we ask a representative sample of fans, what they tell us is they don’t really like to see this happen and they don’t really look at on-ice fights as an essential component of the game.” 

Eight percent of Canadians view on-ice fights as an essential component to hockey. Similarly, 7% of hockey fans see on-ice fights as essential.

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