February 18, 2018

Transit fare cheats still not paying up

Despite a change in legislation to force fare cheats to pay their fines, Translink says they aren’t yet seeing much of a difference.

Spokesperson Derek Zabel says rate of payment of fare evasion tickets is up by less then one percent compared to 2010.

We are seeing about an 18-percent return right now but there is a lot of people within that ninety day window and the 90-days really kicked in on December 4th and that would be from September 4th so really we are still in the middle of the 90-day period before your ticket now gets forwarded over to ICBC or it gets sent over to collections right.”

Zabel says 10,946 fare evasion tickets have been written up since September 4th compared to 12,395 over the same period the year previous.

He says they have also done 200,000 more fare checks “In that regard Bill 51 is working.”

Fare cheats get fined $ 173 and that rises by another $ 100 if the ticket is not paid within a year. 

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