February 18, 2018

Translink defends against Delta mayor’s criticism

Translink officials admit it’s hard to deliver transit south of the Fraser River, but they disagree with the Mayor of Delta’s claims that her community is poorly served. 

Bob Paddon with Translink says service in north Delta is on par with elsewhere, but he admits south Delta is a different story.

“The cost of somebody getting on the bus in south Delta is about $ 2.72. The average cost is about $ 1.37 across the region. South Delta is our most expensive area of service. Much of what we have out there isn’t being used that extensively, although we do have a couple routes that are doing pretty well.”

Paddon says the big challenge is bridging a funding shortfall with transit needs in areas with dense population.

He says Translink is adding more service hours on south of the Fraser, as well as the Port Mann rapid bus.

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