January 23, 2018

Tunnel, bridge or both? You decide

Mixed reaction at the first open house on plans to replace the George Massey Tunnel.

People turned up to the Richmond Oval to talk about the Government’s five options, released this week. They are: to keep the existing tunnel, build a new tunnel, build a bridge and two combinations.
“I’d like to see a larger, new tunnel.”
“Yeah, the one with the tunnel and the bridge next to it. Just because, from a personal viewpoint, because I live in Steveston, it’s the easiest.”
“I’d like to see a couple of scenarios looked at that would particularly take a look at the alternatives to what appears to be more truck traffic.”
“It’s really too early to tell because, like I say, they’re really looking at this from a very high level.”

Two more open houses are set for Surrey and Delta later this month.
The replacement could take ten years.

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