February 19, 2018

Updated: Gov’t framework for 10 year deal with teachers

CKNW has obtained the full 24 page document outlining the BC Governments framework to reach a ten year deal with teachers.

It is called Working Together for Students and introduces four key elements to secure a decade of labour peace with the teachers union.

The Province wants to index teachers salaries to an average of other major public sector increases. It would also see the creation of a dedicated Priority Education Investment Fund along with a new Education Policy Council.
The document says the funding amount has yet to be determined and might be linked to economic performance or education enrolment.

The Council would oversee the fund and would be made up of representatives from the government, teachers, and boards of education.
Last but not least, it also promises a new structured and transparent bargaining process.

The document also lays out a complete timeline for bargaining.
The government wants talks to begin March first with a mediator, appointed by the Minister of Labour, stepping in if no deal is reached by June 15th.

If there is still no deal the mediator will report publically on the dispute issues and cost implications of each parties’ positions by June 30th.

July 15th the mediator will issue recomendations for settlement.

If those recomendations are not rejected by either party by July 25th they become the basis for a new deal.

However if the government rejects the mediators recommendations it must provide an alternate offer by August 7th.

If the teachers union rejects the recommendations, or the governments alternative offer, it must issue strike notice by August 31st.

If the teachers do not reject the recommendations, or the governments alternative offer, then it will be deemed as accepted and the used to form a new collective agreement.

The last point on the timeline is a little ominous saying if teachers issue strike notice schools will not open in September and will remain closed until a deal is done.

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