February 25, 2018

Vision Vancouver calls NPA bridge concerns unfounded

Vision Vancouver councillor Geoff Meggs is accusing the Non Partisan Association of fear-mongering, after a chunk of concrete fell from the Granville Street Bridge over the weekend.

NPA councillor George Affleck has expressed concern the city is too focused on tearing down the viaducts, while staff should pay more attention to bridge safety.

But Meggs says Affleck’s insinuations the city has ignored safety issues are misleading.
“The connection is in Councillor Affleck’s mind..not in reality,” says Meggs.

In fact, Meggs says millions have already been allocated for Burrard Bridge upgrades.

“There was a decision made in the last term that we would go ahead with remediation on the current bridge design, which was something the NPA spent three years not coming to a decision on, and staff are now doing their final design around that.”

As for the Granville Street Bridge was upgraded before the Olympic, with no flags raised from staff about safety thus far.

Meggs suggests Affleck raise his concerns with engineering staff, instead of the media.

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