February 22, 2018

Which numbers to believe?

Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts says truck traffic is diverting from the new Port Mann but the bridge operator says not true.

TI Corporation spokesperson Max Logan says his numbers don’t show any significant diversion from the Port Mann, “The latest available monthly data that we have from the tolling system for January of 2013, we are seeing truck volumes that are consistent with pre-tolling numbers. They tend to fluctuate day-to-day, week-to-week, but they are ranging between ten and 15-thousand trips per day now which, as I said, is consistent with what we saw before tolling began.”

Logan says typical Port Mann volume for cars and trucks in January was about 100-thousand a day, the same as January from the year previous.
Dianne Watts says numbers from the BC Trucking Association show 25-percent of truck traffic is avoiding the Port Mann to use the Pattullo instead.

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