February 21, 2018

Wild wedding tour hits YVR

A couple from Manchester, England, held a faux wedding ceremony at the Vancouver airport yesterday as part of their two-year trip around the world to find the perfect location for their nuptials.

Alex Pelling, 31, and Lisa Gant, 29, held their sixth wedding at the Vancouver International Airport with Live@YVR winner Jaeger Mah hosting the ceremony. Since Mah is known for his colourful Hawaiian shirts, the couple decided to have a Hawaiian-themed wedding.

Pelling wore one of Mah’s famous shirts. They played music from Mah’s radio as Gant walked down the makeshift aisle and female passengers tried to catch Gant’s bouquet, which was purchased from an airport flower shop.

“The idea is that we’ll travel around the world (the United States, South America and Europe) and in the end, we decide what we like the best,” Pelling said. “Then we’ll come back and have the final one. All the people we’ve met along the way are all invited.”

The couple left their home 10 weeks ago and are planning 30 wedding ceremonies during their trip. They’ve held weddings on a beach at Neck Point in Nanaimo, where a First Nations elder blessed the ceremony, and on horseback while in Banff, and they plan to do another one in Hawaii.

Pelling said he sold his car repair shop and they both lived like hermits the past three years to pay for the wedding tour.

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