January 17, 2018

Workplace Injuries On The Rise, Could You Make A Claim?

Workplace injuries are shown to have risen in the last five years. Workplace injuries have been the subject of some debate. Businesses are attempting to curb health and safety red tape. Current evidence suggests however that businesses must do more to protect their workers. Even traditionally safe places of employment are seeing an increase in accidents. Most businesses have a strong health and safety policy. It seems the enforcement of said policy is falling short.


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One woman was said to have broken her ankle and suffered a concussion as the result of a fall. She had tripped over a box of printer paper and landed harshly into a table. One man required a skin graft after a colleague dropped a tray of hot drinks onto him. Employees are seeking legal advice through law firms such as Awdlaw. There are instances of negligence from the employer. They’ve resulted in bigger payouts for the affected peoples.

Employers are now looking to find ways to reduce their injury liability. Current legislation has a large percentage of the responsibility rest on the business. If successful in lobbying for a change, the individual may have more responsibility when it comes to being safe at work. Some employee rights groups have called it a move away from safety progress. They fear the legislation changes. It could could result in even more increases in workplace injuries.

Areas of health and safety improvement in the workplace have been seen in the chemicals and manufacturing industry. Having been the subject of many high-profile injury lawsuits in the past, these industries are now showing improvement towards preventing damage to employees. Many lawsuits against chemical companies have come decades after employees have left the industry. This is due to the effects of being unprotected around certain chemicals. The effects develop over years and decades.

The global manufacturing industry still deals with a spate of injuries every year. They can range from smaller injuries, or much more debilitating ones. A review of manufacturing processes over a decade ago has helped bring the number of injuries down. What has also helped the manufacturing industry deal with these safety hazards is automation processes. Automated machines can now do many of the jobs physical manufacturers did prior. As a result, there is a reduced risk to the employee. This has caused its own problems, however.

Unions have been known to fight hard for worker safety in the manufacturing industry. Now the automation processes have made things safer; they have also removed the need for some staff. Unions are now at odds when it comes to fighting for safer conditions, as it is now at the expense of jobs.

The battle against red tape becoming a political talking point. Could there be Government interference on the issue of workplace injuries? If this issue becomes heavily politicized, it could become a strong feature of the next election. With the battle lines drawn, who will fall on the side of the employees and who will fall on the side of the businesses?

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