February 18, 2018

Yes, the Expo Line is THAT old

Translink is beginning a seven station, 164 million dollar upgrade of the aging Expo Line.
The Province is picking up 84 million dollars of the tab with the remaining cost being split between Translink and the Federal Government.

Translink’s Bob Paddon says the major facelifts of the seven stations could prompt work to upgrade the Expo Line as a whole, “I think longer term, there are some areas where we are going to have to have a discussion. Certainly, as you look at that stretch of line between Commercial-Broadway and Downtown you have got two lines coming in there. When you get an Evergreen Line adding more people, that is going to stretch the ability of that section to be able to handle all the people.”

Paddon says the station upgrades needs to happen with the Expo line as a whole getting on in age.

“These stations are in many cases 25 years old actually Main Street was the very first one it was on the Expo site it was the very first station. They just need to see improvements to be able to accomodate the level of passengers we have today. You go to many of these stations now at rush hour and those platforms are packed with people and we want to ensure we can accomodate those people and for future growth because there is going to be more people using transit.”

Work is already underway at Main Street-Science World station.
Metrotown, Commercial-Broadway, Scott Road, Surrey Central, New West, and Joyce-Collingwood are the other six stations to get an overhaul.

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