February 18, 2018

“Finding Nemo” Sequel Hits Nov 2015

It's official - "Finding Dory" will hit screens on November 25th 2015. Disney & Pixar used Facebook today to announce both the title and release date for the upcoming "Finding Nemo" sequel. Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres are both confirmed to be returning to voice Marlin and Dory respectively. The story is set a year after the first … [Read more...]

Jackson Sets “Tintin” Sequel For 2015

During a recent interview with Belgian media, director Peter Jackson confirmed that he's not waiting until the end of production on "The Hobbit" sequels to get to work on the next "The Adventures of Tintin" movie. With the Steven Spielberg-directed first film, the actual performance capture shoot was quite short - about one month. The … [Read more...]

Warners Sets “Justice League” For 2015

With their court win over the rights to Superman behind them, Warner Bros. Pictures is wasting no time and is already said to be accelerating development of its planned "Justice League" movie. The L.A. Times reports that Warner hopes to shoot the film next year and have it ready for release Summer 2015. The script is already well underway, the … [Read more...]

“Ant-Man” Set For November 6th 2015

Marvel's miniature hero "Ant-Man" has finally set a date to make his big screen debut - November 6th 2015. Disney has just issued a press release about various films on their upcoming schedule with the big news being that release date for the Edgar Wright-directed adaptation. The project will join "The Avengers" sequel in May as Marvel's two … [Read more...]

“Avengers 2” Set For May 1st 2015

Walt Disney Studios have confirmed a May 1st 2015 release date for the much anticipated sequel to this year's biggest box-office success and the third highest grossing film of all time - "Marvel's The Avengers". As announced last week, Joss Whedon will return to write and direct the film which caps off Marvel's 'Phase Two' slate of five films - … [Read more...]

Pixar Announce Their 2014 & 2015 Films

Disney•Pixar have issued a press release about their upcoming projects after "Brave" this year and "Monsters University" next year. In the process came a few new tidbits of information. First up the previously untitled Bob Peterson-helmed dinosaur film now has a name, "The Good Dinosaur", and a release date of May 30th 2014. The premise is based … [Read more...]