February 18, 2018

News Shorts: March 21st 2013

New photos from Only God Forgives, Pacific Rim, The Company You Keep, Monsters University, and cleaner hi-res shots from The Wolverine. Posters for Despicable Me 2, Hummingbird, Stuck in Love, The East, The Colony, Tomorrow You're Gone, Erased, The Place Beyond the Pines, G.I. Joe: Retaliation 3D, an IMAX poster for Iron Man 3, Passion, and five … [Read more...]

21st Intranets for Corporate Communications

Highlights: • Hear from the pioneers who know the ins-and-outs of building state-of-the-art intranets: • Integrate your intranet into your communications plan • Present the business case of a organization-wide intranet to senior management • Help motivate employees to realize the organization’s goals and affect positive behavioural changes • Tame … [Read more...]

Elections BC joins the 21st Century

The Provincial Government is granting Elections BC some relief when it comes to updating the voters' list. Attorney-General Shirley Bond has introduced legislation that will lift the requirement for door-to-door enumeration, "The legislation will remove that requirement. It will save taxpayers' a significant amount of money; about 25 million … [Read more...]

News Shorts: February 21st 2012

Photos of Jeremy Renner sliding down a wall in The Bourne Legacy, several shots from Snow White and the Huntsman, three shots of Josh Brolin and Will Smith in the 1960's scenes of Men in Black 3, a trio of heroes walk a hall in The Avengers, the first shot of Viola Davis and Maggie Gyllenhaal in Won't Back Down, and Judi Dench on the set of … [Read more...]

Amazon launches Kindle Touch and Touch 3G: starts at $99, ships November 21st

Oddly enough, the Kindle Fire already feels like yesterday's news. Why? Because Amazon won't stop launching new products. Jeff Bezos just revealed the Kindle Touch ($ 99 with ads, $ 139 without) here in New York City, noting that this guy's using an IR touch system, similar to the latest Nook and Kobo, and there's no keyboard (physical, anyway) … [Read more...]

News Shorts: September 21st 2011

Stills of Tahar Rahim, Antonio Banderas and Mark Strong in Black Gold, and purported photos of vehicles to be used in Mad Max: Fury Road. Set photos of Halle Berry and Hugo Weaving shooting Cloud Atlas, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone filming Gangster Squad, Colin Farrell on the set of Total Recall, and Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez shooting … [Read more...]

09/06/2011 – Health Aging in the 21st Century

Health Aging in the 21st Century With Andre Noel Potvin, MSc, CES, TFL Date/Time: October 6th, 2011. 6pm – 7pm Admission: $ 10 per seat - $ 5 two weeks in advance. Reserve your seat today!   Making healthy choices when it comes to your diet, physical activity, weight management and lifestyle is the #1 way to protect your body from a myriad of … [Read more...]

News Shorts: July 21st 2011

What's said to be the first photo from Ridley Scott's much anticipated return to the "Alien" universe in "Prometheus" has been revealed below. Some new concept art from the upcoming Riddick, photos of robots in action on the set of Total Recall, and a teaser poster for Contagion. "Bruce Campbell is set to make a cameo in the upcoming "Evil … [Read more...]