February 17, 2018

Court hears the case of convicted rioter accused of breaching conditions

She'd been drinking and she was dressed to go out.  That's how the police officer who arrested Camille Cacnio is describing the convicted Stanley Cup rioter who violated her curfew in January. Vancouver Police Constable Barry Selver says he pulled Cacnio over during a routine road check in Gastown and smelled alcohol on her breath after she … [Read more...]

Accused bank robber nabbed after returning to the scene

A need for reassurance and approval was the ultimate downfall for a man now accused of robbing a Victoria bank. Police say he approached a teller at a downtown Scotiabank branch and, after conducting a transaction, mumbled something to her.  Spokesman Bowen Osoko says the man then said he had just tried to rob her, and asked if he could … [Read more...]

Accused online predator Edward Hilts still in Canada

More than a month after an accused child predator lost his latest bid to stay in Canada, Edward Hilts is still here.  The American citizen, wanted for trying to lure a 14-year old girl online, is attempting to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.  This, after a lower court upheld a ruling ordering his extradition to the United … [Read more...]

PHSA Board member accused of conflict of interest

BC's Health Minister has confirmed conflict of interest allegations involving a board member of the Provincial Health Services Authority are being investigated by her staff.  Margaret Macdiarmid says she learned this week Mary McDougall --who's been on the PHSA board since 2008-- was short-listed for a multi-million dollar operating grant from … [Read more...]

Trial gets underway Monday for realtor accused in gang-related kidnapping

The trial of a North Vancouver realtor accused of taking part in a gang-related kidnapping is set to start Monday in Vancouver. Nazfar Mirhadi was one of seven people arrested in October 2011 involving the abduction of a twenty-nine-year-old man from a restaurant in Downtown Vancouver. Sulaiman Safi was later rescued by police in Richmond. At the … [Read more...]

Man accused of stabbing spree makes first court appearance

A French citizen accused of injuring several people at a Vancouver apartment building on Thursday evening will be held in custody until he's been psychiatrically assessed. Jerome Bonneric made a brief court appearance Monday morning looking confused and wearing a cast on his lower right arm. Lawyer --Bob Bellows-- says his 33-year old client … [Read more...]

Trial begins for another accused Stanley Cup rioter

The case against another accused Stanley Cup rioter goes to trial Monday in Vancouver.  Spencer Kirkwood was one of the first twenty-five people charged after chaos erupted in Downtown Vancouver causing up to four million dollars worth of damage. The twenty-six-year old from Vancouver has been charged with one count each of mischief and … [Read more...]

Accused child predator from the US loses latest bid to stay in Canada

An accused child predator has lost his latest bid to stay in Canada. The BC Court of Appeal has upheld a ruling ordering the extradition of Edward Hilts to the United States where the American citizen is wanted for trying to lure a 14-year old girl online. The 66-year old failed to prove procedural mistakes were made by federal Justice … [Read more...]

Verdict expected for Chilliwack man accused of murdering teen runaway

The verdict is expected Monday at the Chilliwack trial of a man accused of murdering a teen runaway more than seven years ago. Jesse Blue West was charged with the first degree murder of 14-year old Chelsea Acorn. She disappeared in the fall of 2005.  Her body was found the following April near Hope. West’s son Dustin Blue Moir has been … [Read more...]

Decision on teacher accused of sexual assault will not be appealed

Prosecutors will not appeal the acquittal of a former substitute teacher accused of sexually assaulting five girls in Coquitlam. The Criminal Justice Branch has completed a review of Aleksandr Plehanov's case and concluded there's no legal basis to challenge the trial judge's findings. David St. Pierre determined he was a bad teacher who … [Read more...]