February 20, 2018

Another murder in Surrey

Another murder in Surrey - the fourth in two days. Members of the "Integrated Homicide Invesetigation Team" have been called out to 127th Street and 112-B Avenue in north Surrey where a man has been shot to death. No word yet on any of the circumstances, or if it's related to three killings Sunday night. 27-year-old gangster Manjot Dhillon was … [Read more...]

Microsoft moves another 20 million Windows 8 licenses over holiday season, 100 million total app downloads

Ready for your quarterly dose of Windows 8 sales figures? After hearing that some 40 million licenses had been sold through last November, the company's CFO and CMO for Windows Tammi Reller announced here at CES that Microsoft has sold 60 million Windows 8 licenses to date. According to her, that number includes "sell in to OEMs for new PCs," but … [Read more...]

Another step toward return of PST

The BC government has taken another step in the long process of switching back to the old Provincial Sales Tax. Love it or hate it, the 12 per-cent Harmonized Sales Tax will be officially replaced by the old provincial sales tax and G-S-T on April first at a total of...12 per-cent. The Liberals have long said the P-S-T will be restored with all of … [Read more...]

One dead, another in hospital after suspected carbon monoxide poisoning on the Sunshine Coast

A middle-aged man is dead, another in critical condition in an apparent case of carbon monoxide poisoning on the Sunshine Coast. The West Vancouver men were moored in a Halfmoon Bay marina. The marina owner found the men Sunday afternoon, with their boat still running. One man was rushed to hospital, and is expected to be air-lifted to Vancouver … [Read more...]

Another Greyhound delay; passenger claims travellers left outside

A frustrated Greyhound passenger who was stranded in Kamloops when buses didn't show up during the pre-Christmas rush says it's happening again--this time in Banff. Carson Loveday says the temperature was -7 Thursday evening, and other passengers told stranded travellers buses were running more than four hours late. "The office is completely … [Read more...]

Hydro given another year to install smart meters

The provincial government has given BC Hydro another year to install their smart meters. The utility has already put in 93 percent of the 1.87 million meters – they only have 140,000 left. The province says hydro crews have had to deal with shortages in qualified labour, equipment and specialized meters, as well as customer … [Read more...]

West Vancouver Police urge snow enthusiasts to stay inbounds after another rescue

A thirty-year-old snowboarder celebrated his birthday wet and cold in the North Shore Rescue Command Post early Sunday morning. This after crews were called to save the man who ventured out of bounds on Cypress Mountain--the second rescue in just four days. West Vancouver Police Sergeant Matt Dawson says there's no reason to go out of bounds when … [Read more...]

North Shore Rescue looking for yet another snowboarder out of bounds near Cypress

For the second time in a week, North Shore Rescue crews are near Cypress Mountain trying to rescue a snowboarder. Team leader Tim Jones says they have been in contact with the man, and believe they know where he is: "We believe he's just at the snowline, below the waterfalls, in main drainage of Montizambert." Jones says they are confident they can … [Read more...]

Here’s news about yet another bridge

The City of Vancouver will decide Friday on whether to award a contract for seismic upgrades to the Granville Street Bridge a month early. The lowest bid of just over 5-point-6 million dollars was from Graham Construction and Engineering. The work will include replacing bearings and expansion joints at 7 spots on the bridge, expected to … [Read more...]

Another former Olympus executive arrested in accounting scandal

As a dreaded accounting scandal continues to drag Olympus' name through the mud, federal agents in the United States arrested yet another gentleman in connection with the firm's alleged fraud. Chan Ming Fon, a citizen of Taiwan, was reportedly arrested in Los Angeles today. As the story goes, he was a former bank executive in the company, and he … [Read more...]