January 23, 2018

LG E980 arrives in the FCC’s database with LTE: is this the Optimus G Pro for AT&T?

It's reported that the E980 is LG's codename for the Optimus G Pro (considering that the E970 is the Optimus G), and while we've already reviewed the global variant, it sure looks as if AT&T is setting itself up to carry the handset here in the US of A. Arriving in the FCC's database today is the item you see above, replete with LTE bands that … [Read more...]

AT&T confesses: its network couldn’t handle unchecked FaceTime over cellular

Well, at least no one can blame AT&T for dodging the core issue any longer. After watching Verizon Wireless snag satisfaction crown after satisfaction crown from AT&T over the years, it seems that the latter is finally using a highly defensive blog post on the issue of FaceTime over cellular in order to cop to what we've all known: … [Read more...]

Motorola Atrix HD now on sale at AT&T: $100 on contract for LTE, 720p and ICS

Well, lookie here. It didn't take long for Motorola's latest Atrix variant to go from unveiled to launched, as the Atrix HD is now on sale at AT&T for a wallet-pleasing $ 99.99 on contract. Sign the dotted line for two years, and you'll be getting a 4.5-inch Android superphone, complete with Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0), a true 720p … [Read more...]

HTC One X sold early at AT&T, spotted in the wild

HTC's hotly anticipated One X isn't supposed to ship to AT&T customers until May 6th, but there's a reason we're emphasizing the whole "supposed" thing. One lucky reader has managed to convince one particular store to sell them a handset early, with $ 199 (and a new two-year agreement) being all it took to grab hold of what'll undoubtedly be … [Read more...]

AT&T blows a gasket, calls FCC report ‘an advocacy piece, not analysis’

You know who's madder than hot fury right now? That guy you picked last on your recreational kickball squad. Also, Jim Cicconi, AT&T Senior Executive Vice President of External & Legislative Affairs. He's credited with penning a scathing response to the recent FCC Staff Report surrounding the proposed AT&T / T-Mobile transaction, which … [Read more...]

Pre 3 for AT&T review

This is a review of a phone that was never actually released to the public on AT&T. Despite the unfortunateness of the prior statement, we felt obligated to run this device through the wringer as a final farewell to Palm, the Pre line and webOS on consumer devices. Man, what a weird, labyrinthine life this device has had. European carriers … [Read more...]

AT&T flips 4G LTE live, nearly 97 percent of America wonders where the party is

According to Ma Bell, AT&T covers 97 percent of all Americans. Of course, that's including those "one bar of EDGE" places that are uncovered so far as reality's concerned, but regardless of all that -- there's no denying that AT&T's LTE launch is on the subdued side. With Verizon rolling out five times more LTE markets this month than … [Read more...]

Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play 4G hitting AT&T on September 18th for $50 on contract

We knew good and well it was coming, and come it has. Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play has made the natural GSM shift in the States in order to grace Ma Bell's airwaves, and despite the "4G" naming convention, this fellow will be topping out at HSPA+. In other words, LTE lovers will need to look elsewhere. This marks the first launch of a … [Read more...]

Exclusive: HTC Holiday for AT&T in the wild — 4G LTE, 1.2GHz, 4.5-inch qHD display

Looks like AT&T's fall lineup will include at least one slab of irresistible. The so-called HTC Holiday is indeed real, and it'll soon be gracing Ma Bell's airwaves -- and not just the HSPA+ ones, either. We've confirmed that the Holiday will be amongst the first handsets to launch in AT&T's LTE markets, bringing with it a rather gargantuan … [Read more...]

Exclusive: HTC Puccini in the wild, AT&T LTE support confirmed!

Have a gander. Take as long as you need. That, friends, is the AT&T-bound HTC Puccini, and it'll be the first tablet to hit Ma Bell with inbuilt LTE support. According to our sources, the Android-based slate is currently in testing, and should be hitting the markets in the not-too-distant future. 'Course, AT&T just started shipping its … [Read more...]