February 19, 2018

Man in wheelchair attacks pregnant woman

Transit Police are looking for a suspect who assaulted a pregnant woman at Metrotown Skytrain Station. Around four in the afternoon February 20th, a man in an electric wheelchair pushed his way into the elevator, running over the feet of one of the women inside. She said she was pregnant and he needed to back off. He kept running his chair into … [Read more...]

Man in custody after series of attacks

Vancouver Police have a man in custody following a serious of assaults this morning. A woman in her 70's is in serious condition with life-threatening injuries after an attack in the 200 block of Columbia Street. A second woman was attacked in the 700 block of Pacific--she remains in hospital. A third woman was attacked across the street. She's in … [Read more...]

Surrey man pleads guilty to bus attacks

A Surrey man has pleaded guilty to assaulting a bus driver and passenger in two separate incidents. Steven Fayant was arrested last February after a Translink operator was choked in Surrey, and a rider was assaulted in Aldergrove. He became the subject of a public warning from the bus drivers' union. The 20-year-old has now admitted … [Read more...]

NICT’s Daedalus creates beautiful 3D visuals to map out nasty cyber attacks (video)

There's nothing pretty about a cyber attack taking over an organization -- or, there wasn't, until NICT crafted this thing. Daedalus, christened as a "cyber attack alert system," is a 3D visualization system that currently monitors some 190,000 IP addresses across Japan. Rather than forcing a human to comb through a punishing amount of data, the … [Read more...]

Coleman attacks “Communist” NDP

BC Liberal house leader Rich Coleman sounded like a red-baiting politician of the 1950's in the Legislature today. Coleman called the NDP "communists" during a debate about his government's plan to privatize the liquor distribution system. "I know the socialist communist thinking is that everything should be nationalized and controlled, if you had … [Read more...]

RCMP looking for email writer about Justice Institute-related attacks

The RCMP are reaching out to the author of an email that contains information about the recent attacks on people connected to the Justice Institute of BC. So far, about 14 people with ties in the institute have been targeted by arsons and shootings – the last one being former West Vancouver police chief Scott Armstrong, whose house was lit on … [Read more...]

Vancouver man attacks Utah family with homemade bombs

Beginning in April, Tien Ming Chen made several trips from his home in Vancouver, British Columbia, to Utah to harass the family, who live in Alpine, charging documents ... Vancouver News latest RSS headlines - Big News Network.com … [Read more...]