February 22, 2018

Automatic Link converts your iPhone into a personal driving assistant (video)

That OBD II port that has been installed on just about every US-bound automobile since 1996? It's potential has just been tapped. For years, ambiguous dashboard lights have clued motorists in on internal issues, but driving to a body shop just to borrow a data port reader is so last decade. Enter the Automatic Link -- a simplistic nub that plugs … [Read more...]

Justin Timberlake Is “Fully Automatic”

Justin Timberlake has reportedly just attached himself to star in the Joel Silver–produced buddy cop comedy "Fully Automatic" at Warner Bros. Pictures says Vulture. The story follows two rookie cops out to make their mark and who team with a female former Delta Force operative to stop a mercenary who has stolen a cache of weapons. The script has … [Read more...]

In Spain, specify if you want an automatic rental car

Virtually all cars in Spain have a manual transmission—if you don't want a stick shift, reserve weeks in advance and specify automatic transmission. Call to reconfirm your automatic car before you leave for Spain. Fodor's Travel Wire … [Read more...]