February 21, 2018

Aereo wins a crucial court battle, opens up partnership talks with ISPs and pay-TV providers

Something tells us the US Court of Appeals for the Second District has no intentions to kid around with its latest decision, despite it coming down on the 1st of April. In what can only be viewed as a monumental victory for Aereo, the aforesaid court has just rejected an appeal from a smattering of TV networks that are hellbent on stopping the … [Read more...]

Labour unions turn to the internet to fund legal battle with HD Mining

Labour unions challenging the Temporary Foreign Workers' permit issued to HD Mining have turned to the internet to fund its legal battle. The unions involved say the legal battle has now cost over $ 200,000 to date. The website - labourspeaksout.com - allows people, who want to help pay for the legal costs, to donate online. The unions have forced … [Read more...]

10,000 member Council of BC Yachts Clubs wades into the battle to save Kits base

The ten thousand member strong Council of BC Yachts Clubs wants the Senate to take a hard look at the closing of Kits Coast Guard base.  President Sheila Boutcher says unlike the Conservative government a Senate committee might actually listen to the boating community. "Well at least they could have a proper look at the facts and make a … [Read more...]

Community Centre vs Park Board battle will take to the media

 The battle between the Parks Board and some Vancouver Community Centre's over control and revenue is about to become a pricey ad campaign. CKNW has obtained a media campaign overview from Fusion Communications Group on behalf of a group of unhappy community centres.  The 16 page document lays out three different ad campaigns with … [Read more...]

The leader of the BC Conservatives and turfed members disagree over state of legal battle

The leader of the BC Conservatives and rebel members thrown out of the party for opposing him are at odds once again, this time over the state of a legal battle. John Cummins told reporters Wednesday the court showdown with the so called dissidents is over. "Oh no that is far behind us it has been dealt with and it is no longer an issue." But one … [Read more...]

Unions win another battle in Temporary Foreign Worker fight

Trades unions say they have won another court battle in their efforts to get documents from HD Mining in the Temporary Foreign Worker Controversy.  Union lawyer Charles Gordon says a judge has told Human Resources Minister Diane Finley she has the power to compel HD Mining to release the documents. "So the documents that we are talking about … [Read more...]

Sex-trade advocates gear up for 2013 court battle

Advocates for the rights of sex workers in Vancouver are busy preparing for a court case next June that will directly influence their own case to abolish prostitution laws here in BC. A group of Vancouver sex workers were cleared in September by the Supreme Court of Canada to proceed with their challenge of prostitution laws. Now, the group can … [Read more...]

Vancouver private clinics court battle delayed… again

The official court battle between the operators of two private Vancouver health clinics and the BC government has been delayed. Lawyers were supposed to spend two days next week in front of a BC Supreme Court judge arguing whether the clinics owned by prominent doctor Brian Day should be allowed to keep charging customers for services already … [Read more...]

Flu shot sparks human rights court battle

Forcing health care workers to take the flu shot is a violation of human rights. That's the message from Reid Johnson, president of the Health Sciences Association Union, which has filed a grievance with its employers over a policy which mandates workers get vaccinated. "We encourage our member to get a flu vaccination every year but people for … [Read more...]

Votes by Licensed Practical Nurses still yet to be counted in union battle

With two unions battling over licensed practical nurses, the counting of ballots LPN's cast back in June, still, has yet to start.   BC's Health Minister Margaret Macdiarmid was asked if she has concerns over the three months and counting in getting LPN's ballots tabulated.     "You know I know that this issue is with the … [Read more...]