February 18, 2018

BCNU union friction

Despite several raids on other unions and criticism from labour leaders, the president of the BC nurses union says she is a team player.  Deb Mcpherson says she takes issue with accusation the BCNU is 'cozy with the province, "The BC nurses union is a non-partisan organization and we work with which ever government is in place. We also … [Read more...]

BCNU not interested in 10 year deal with province

While the Premier confirms she wants to get BC nurses signed to a 10 year deal, the idea seems to be a non-starter with the union itself. BCNU President Deb McPherson just last week was asked if the nurses are in talks, or even interested, in a ten year contract. "No no no. We had started out this last round of bargaining looking to settle maybe a … [Read more...]

Health Sciences Association says BCNU working on another raid

Fresh off of plucking licensed practical nurses from the Hospital Employees Union the BC Nurses union has launched another raid.  Health Sciences Association President Reid Johnson says the BCNU is trying to grab about 60 registered psychiatric nurses at Royal Columbian Hospital.  "The BCNU has raided our members that work there who are … [Read more...]

BCNU fights back against “coercive” flu shot policy

Little more than two weeks before all BC health care workers face more pressure to get flu vaccinations, the BC Nurses Union is demanding the cancellation of what's being described as a 'coercive' policy. Union President Debra McPherson says recent scientific reviews indicate studies being used to justify the policy are not credible. "We encourage … [Read more...]

BREAKING: LPN’s vote to leave HEU, join BCNU

Licensed Practical Nurses have voted overwhelmingly to switch unions. Deb McPherson,  president of the BC Nurses Union says it is a big win as between five and seven thousand LPN's leave the Hospital Employees Union to join the BCNU. As for what happens next: "The next few steps as I understand it, and again, I'm not a clear expert on this, … [Read more...]

More info on new BCNU contract

They're getting more money, but they have to work more hours to get it. Some details of a new two-year deal reached last week between the Provincial Government and BC Nurses Union have now been disclosed.  More than 30-thousand members of the union are set to vote on the new contract October 18th. It contains pay raises amounting to … [Read more...]

Tentative deal for BCNU

The provincial government has announced it's reached a tentative agreement with members of the BC Nurses Union. It's a two year deal. It includes modest wage hikes. The nurses still have to ratify the offer. There is no "new" money. Money for any increases was found within the existing budget.   CKNW Vancouver News … [Read more...]

BCNU won’t fight new flu shot policy

BC's nurses won't oppose the province's new mandatory flu shot policy for health workers. But that doesn't mean the nurses union is happy with the enforced regulation. BCNU spokeswoman Margaret Dhillon: "We would always prefer that vaccinations be voluntary, but we of course continue to support and encourage all of our members to get them. But we … [Read more...]

BCNU in war of words with private clinic

BC Nurses Union President Debra McPherson is accusing the operator of two private clinics in Vancouver of using 'snake-like' tactics to deflect attention from his unethical behaviour. "I think it's grossly unfair. This is a man who practices in violation of the law of the province and of the nation, who openly admits to it and that's what the real … [Read more...]