February 20, 2018

Berner applies for leave to appeal conviction at Supreme Court of Canada

Carol Berner, the Delta woman who caused the death of Alexa Middelaer in 2008, is trying to have her conviction overturned at the Supreme Court of Canada. Berner filed leave to appeal her guilty verdict in Ottawa earlier this month, after a lower court turned her down last fall. Today, lawyer David Tarnow has asked the BC Court of Appeal to adjourn … [Read more...]

Sentence appeal next for Carol Berner

With her conviction appeal dismissed Tuesday, next up for Carol Berner is appealing her sentence.    Berner's lawyer, Jason Tarnow, says the court will assess if the 30 month sentence Berner was given for  killing four year-old Alexa Middelaer is appropriate.Tarnow says he believes it is excessive.  "You might be shocked to … [Read more...]

Appeal of Berner drunk driving conviction dismissed

The BC Court of appeal has dismissed Carol Berner's appeal of her drunk driving conviction. While the three-member court of appeal panel did find some errors with the original trial judge, they concluded that Berner's appeal would be dismissed. Carol Berner, who was out on bail, has now had her bail revoked and is beginning to serve her prison … [Read more...]

Date set for Joshua Berner to stand trial again

A date has been set for Joshua Berner's second-degree murder trial to be heard a second time. Berner was convicted in 2010 in the death of Benjamin Warland. The two men had gotten off a bus in Vancouver, got into a fight, and Berner ended up punching Warland in the head with a knife. Berner claimed self-defence. He appealed, and in April, the BC … [Read more...]

New trial ordered for Joshua Berner

  BC's highest court has overturned the conviction of a young man found guilty of second degree murder in the stabbing death of another young man. Joshua Berner made headlines shortly after his mother was convicted in a deadly crash that killed a four year old girl in Delta. The BC Court of Appeal has granted Berner a new trial because the … [Read more...]