February 25, 2018

Another bike lane controversy

Friday is the last day to tell the City of Vancouver what you think about bike lanes in Kitsilano.  The City is proposing ways to improve walking and cycling along the Point Grey - Cornwall corridor, between the Burrard Bridge and Jericho Beach.  Ideas include extending park space, improving sidewalks and the seawall, and creating … [Read more...]

MD survives mountain bike crash

Rescue crews had to get creative tracking down a mountain biker who crashed on Sumas Mountain Wednesday afternoon. The man used his cell phone to call for help, but when firefighters from Abbotsford arrived, they couldn't find him. Assistant Fire Chief Dave Rivett says they sounded sirens until they got close enough for him to call them again, … [Read more...]

Mayor says bike lane expansion not a done deal, yet

Vancouver's Mayor is defending plans to expand the city's network of bike lanes, but he insists consultations are ongoing. "No decisions yet. We want to understand what kind of costs and what kind of next steps are even possible and feasible right now." Gregor Robertson is responding to critics of a proposal to boost access for cyclists and … [Read more...]

More bike lane expansion?

The City of Vancouver's looking to expand the current bike lane network over two bridges.The city's issued a "request for proposal" to provide a feasability study for pedestrian and cycling "enhancements" on the Granville Street and Cambie Bridges.The study's the result of "emerging directions" from the city's transportation plan and will examine … [Read more...]

A local bike messenger wants to bring some respect to his profession.

Patrick Desjardins says he's helped form the Vancouver Bicycle Messenger Association to try to change how people treat messengers. He says those who pedal around the city delivering things, their workplace, the street, to be safer, "When we work outside with cars, we tend to get bullied and intimidated a lot by cars because we ride a … [Read more...]

Bike rental operators voice concerns about new bike share program

After being promised they would be consulted by city staff about plans for a new public-private bike share program, several Vancouver bike rental operators are still waiting.Joe Kainer of English Bay Bike Rentals says that's why he felt compelled to interrupt a city council discussion about the program this morning."Well the problem for me is that … [Read more...]

How to See Sonoma by Bike

Skip the car and driver, and spend your next California wine tasting adventure on two wheels. Biking will help burn off those wine country indulgences, and as a bonus, Sonoma is unforgettably scenic. Fodor's Travel News … [Read more...]

Bike thefts on the rise

Vancouver Police are reporting a spike in bike thefts in the city. Between January first and may 31st, 554 bikes were stolen, compared to 338 for the same period last year. Most of the bikes go missing in the downtown core and southwest portion of Vancouver. Most bikes are swiped from bike racks. But some thieves are actually climbing apartment … [Read more...]

DVBIA feels scorned over bike lane turns

The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association says their concerns were shoved aside as the city made bike lanes permanent. Executive Director Charles Gauthier says Council ignored advice they paid to get, "Last year the consultants were hired to do an economic impact study and they did caution Council that if mitigation strategies … [Read more...]

Bike lanes now permanent

Vancouver city councillors have voted to make temporary bike lanes in the downtown core permanent. They spent nearly three hours discussing separated lanes installed on Burrard, Dnsmuir and Hornby over the past three years, with councillor Geoff Meggs calling the vote. "All those in favour of the recommendation please show. I there any opposed? … [Read more...]