February 18, 2018

Vancouver School Board questions provincial funding

The chair of the Vancouver School Board is concerned the provincial government appears to be taking more money away from classrooms. Every year, the province gives school districts grant money to upgrade their buildings, about $ 110 million in total.  For the upcoming school year, Patti Bacchus says the ministry has told districts it's giving … [Read more...]

Park Board staff to determine how long meetings last

The Vancouver Park Board has unanimously passed a motion that calls for staff to recommend changes to a bylaw that would limit how long meetings can go. NPA Commissioner Melissa De Genova put the motion forward. She'd like meetings to be over by 10 p-m. She says other Commissioners feel that 10 may not be the right time, "This concerns me … [Read more...]

PHSA Board member accused of conflict of interest

BC's Health Minister has confirmed conflict of interest allegations involving a board member of the Provincial Health Services Authority are being investigated by her staff.  Margaret Macdiarmid says she learned this week Mary McDougall --who's been on the PHSA board since 2008-- was short-listed for a multi-million dollar operating grant from … [Read more...]

President of Treasury Board staying mum on upcoming Federal Budget

The President of the Treasury Board isn't giving any hints on what could be included for British Columbians in the upcoming 2013 Federal Budget, expected to come down in March. Tony Clement heard what's important to locals from the North Vancouver Board of Trade at a roundtable held Friday.  He says part of that discussion included talk about … [Read more...]

Police board officially endorses regional policing

Vancouver's police board has quickly approved recommendations stemming from B.C.’s Missing Women Inquiry, but any hope of a regional police force becoming a reality still rests with the provincial government. Several mayors, including Vancouver's Gregor Robertson, have urged the Clark government to set up regional forces for both the Lower … [Read more...]

Review Board approves transfer of Allan Schoenborn to Manitoba

A man who killed his three children in Merritt nearly five years ago has been given hope he may be transferred to another psychiatric hospital in Manitoba. The B.C. Review Board has approved the request made by Allan Schoenborn during his latest hearing in Port Coquitlam this morning. Stacy Galt, who speaks for the family of his victims,  says … [Read more...]

Very noisy, well attended Park Board meeting in West End

The room was packed at the West End Community Centre where the clearly angry crowd and a long line of people overflowing into the lobby. While one or two of the speakers have spoken in favour of the move, everyone else is lined up to rip the Vision Vancouver members of the Board. Here's what Dave Paidon,  "Giving 3 days, moving … [Read more...]

Vancouver Park Board showdown over take over proposal

It's beyond standing room only at the Vancouver Park Board meeting in the Westend tonight.  On the agenda is the controverisal proposal for the board to take control of the city's community centres.  73 people signed up to address the board. In it's presentation, the board says the move would not be a cash grab. The rowdy and vocal crowd … [Read more...]

Vancouver Park Board to hold meeting on community centre revenue proposal

The Vancouver Park Board will be holding a special public meeting Monday night on a plan to make community centre revenue across the city more equitable. The plan would see community centres pooling surpluses to help out a handful of centres in less affluent neighbourhoods. Park Board Staff say patrons of those centres can't afford to pay the same … [Read more...]

Hillcrest says Park Board behind money missing in minutes

Minutes obtained by CKNW and never posted online by the Hillcrest Community Centre Association appear to show the books are short some money.  In the minutes of a meeting on August 23rd it says an audit has found close to 30-thousand dollars missing.  But Chair Jesse Johl says things aren't how they appear and it is actually a fiscal … [Read more...]