February 21, 2018

Box-Office: “Mama” Tops, “Last Stand” Flops

It was a good weekend to be Jessica Chastain, and a bad one to be Arnold Schwarzenegger. Despite mixed reviews, the Guillermo del Toro-produced supernatural thriller "Mama" topped the weekend box-office with a $ 28 million haul, raking in almost double its $ 15 million budget from Friday to Sunday. "Mama" star Jessica Chastain saw her other … [Read more...]

“Chainsaw 3D” Tops Box-Office, Gets Sequel?

Despite bad reviews, "Texas Chainsaw 3D" over performed in the first U.S. weekend box-office results of 2013. The only new wide release this past Friday, the film took the top spot with $ 23 million in three days. Considering the film was made on a budget of under $ 20 million, it comes as no shock that there's already sequel talk. In fact, … [Read more...]

The Biggest Box-Office Hits Of 2012

With 2012 now closed, the year's box-office winners have been revealed. Domestically, twenty-six films crossed the $ 100 million mark and eleven made it past the $ 200 million mark. On a global scale, three films crossed the billion dollar mark and twelve made it past the half billion total. The Top 20 of each were: Domestic Box-Office For … [Read more...]

“Guardians” Withers, “Pi” Soars At Box-Office

It is surprising how vulnerable some of these big companies are when their estimates are off by just a few million. While the overall Thanksgiving box-office broke records ($ 290 million over five days) and proved fruitful for holdovers like "Skyfall" and "Breaking Dawn", for the three expensive newcomers it wasn't as rosy a story. The stock … [Read more...]

“Skyfall,” “Lincoln” Soar At The Box-Office

James Bond's market appeal within the United States is finally catching up with his huge successes overseas. The latest entry in the series, "Skyfall," debuted to a stellar $ 87.8 million U.S. domestic opening weekend (and that's not including $ 2.2 million from IMAX exclusive Thursday night previews). That's over $ 20 million ahead of the … [Read more...]

“Knight,” “Avengers” Hit Box-Office Heights

Movie attendance was quiet over the Labor Day weekend with supernatural thriller "The Possession" over performing expectations slightly and topping the U.S. domestic box-office with $ 17.7 million. The most interesting stuff however was quietly happening much further down the list. Chris Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises" has now slipped past … [Read more...]

“Spider-Man” Box-Office, Trilogy Plans

"The Amazing Spider-Man" is so far exceeding Sony's earliest expectations for the reboot at the box-office. Opening on July 3rd, the film scored the biggest Tuesday opening of all time with just over $ 35 million. Then yesterday it pulled in an additional $ 23.4 million, the second-highest daily gross for a film playing on July 4th … [Read more...]

The Box-Office Sunk My “Battleship”

"Marvel's The Avengers" dominated the American box-office for a third weekend in a row, taking in a whopping $ 55.1 million which brings its domestic coffers to $ 457 million and its global tally to $ 1.18 billion. The real question was how would the new competition fare? The news is not good, all three wide-release films opened to … [Read more...]

“Harry Potter DH Part 2” Box-Office Stats

It's going to be a fascinating weekend at the box-office with the launch of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2" so keep checking back here for updates as they happen. Friday Morning Update: The first domestic figures are in with DH2 pulling in $ 43.5 million from 3,800 locations for Thursday midnight screenings alone, easily topping … [Read more...]