February 19, 2018

Lockheed Martin’s technology hub brings startups closer to government needs

Wondering who would be the first to concoct a Kickstarter for governmental wishes? We suppose it's Lockheed Martin. Today, the aforementioned outfit has launched an initiative "aimed at expanding its collaboration with Silicon Valley companies to meet the diverse technology needs of the federal government." Called the Lockheed Martin Silicon Valley … [Read more...]

Vizio brings pricing and release information to spring line of laptops and desktops

For those opting to "replace" instead of "clean" this spring, Vizio's got a bit of news for you -- the outfit's latest line of touch-friendly laptops and desktops now have firm pricing details to pore over. Starting with the portables, the 14-inch Touch Thin + Light (CT14T-B0) will ship soon with an AMD A10 APU and a base price of $ 1,089.99; the … [Read more...]

CBS brings full episode streaming in HD to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

Welcome to the 21st century, CBS. Following in the footsteps of NBC, TBS, TNT, ABC and a smattering of others, CBS has launched a new iOS app that enables iPhone, iPod touch and iPad owners to stream full-length, HD-quality episodes of CBS programming right on their mobile device. The app includes offerings from its primetime, daytime and late … [Read more...]

Intel confirms partnership with Comcast, brings Xfinity TV viewing to Intel-based devices

Well, there's no new set-top box box per se, but most of those rumored Intel / virtual cable TV details have come true here at CES. Intel just announced a new partnership with Comcast, which will enable Xfinity TV viewers to watch television on Intel-based devices in the home. According to Intel, the collaboration will enable users to tap into … [Read more...]

2013 brings hike in transit fares

Happy New Year! Transit fares are going up. Adult one and two-zone fares will be twenty five cents more,  and three zones will cost you an additional fifty cents. For a monthly pass, one-zone is up ten dollars to 91 dollars, a two-zone pass costs 124 dollars, 14 dollars extra, and those needing a three zone pass will have to shell out 170 … [Read more...]

Pack the Police Car campaign brings in the dough for the Food Bank

Over fifteen thousand dollars was raised along with six tons of food during Surrey RCMP’s "Pack the Police Car" campaign for the local food bank. An additional contribution by RCMP employees pushed the grand total to over eighteen thousand. And police are reminding people donations to the food bank are accepted, and needed, year-round. CKNW … [Read more...]

Vet report brings some relief to zoo staff

An independent veterinarian has ruled out at least one cause in the death of a giraffe at the Greater Vancouver Zoo.  Zoo General Manager Jody Henderson says with the test results comes a sense of relief, "Based on the finding, they definitely have proven that there is no indication, well, there is. Jafari had excellent body mass. The claims … [Read more...]

Google brings five California-based US National Parks into Street View

Taking a virtual tour of the Amazon or Antarctica? Totally doable with Street View. But some of America's finest National Parks? Yeah, those have been a long time coming. Today, Google announced the inclusion of five California-based US National Parks in Street View, and for those who haven't had the opportunity (of a lifetime) to visit, they're … [Read more...]

“Drive” Director Brings “Barbarella” To TV

"Drive" and "Bronson" helmer Nicolas Winding Refn is set to direct and executive produce a TV series based on the classic French comic "Barbarella" says Variety. Gaumont Intl. Television is behind the series with Martha De Laurentiis also serving as executive producer, but no scribe has yet been set. Jean-Claude Forest created the character who … [Read more...]