February 22, 2018

Federal budget will drive Canadian shoppers stateside in droves

The Consumers Association of Canada is warning people to brace for higher prices after the federal government hiked import duties on some countries, including China. President Bruce Cran says it is a certainty people will see the price of goods go up.   "That is going to cost I believe something like 300-million dollars and the thing that … [Read more...]

FAA to Close 149 Towers Due to Budget Cuts

The FAA announced today that 149 control towers will be closed early next month due to sequestration-related budget cuts, with some regional airports on the chopping block. Fodor's Travel News … [Read more...]

BC budget survives close vote

The BC Liberal government has survived a confidence vote in the Legislature. MLA's have voted 45-38 in support of the new BC budget. Independent MLA's John Slater and Vicki Huntington voted with the Liberals, while former Liberal John van Dongen and former New Democrat Bob Simpson voted with the NDP. If this vote had gone the other way, it could … [Read more...]

Another poll suggests budget did little for BC Liberals

If the latest Angus Reid poll is accurate, the BC Liberals have stalled and the throne speech and budget have not helped them catch up to the NDP. Says pollster Mario Canseco: “If anything, there's a little bit of a jump for the NDP on some of the issues, particularly Adrian Dix being seen as a better economic manager than Christy … [Read more...]

President of Treasury Board staying mum on upcoming Federal Budget

The President of the Treasury Board isn't giving any hints on what could be included for British Columbians in the upcoming 2013 Federal Budget, expected to come down in March. Tony Clement heard what's important to locals from the North Vancouver Board of Trade at a roundtable held Friday.  He says part of that discussion included talk about … [Read more...]

New poll suggests public lukewarm to Liberals’ budget

If the BC Liberal government is banking on the new budget for a boost in the May election, a new Ipsos Reid polls suggests voters aren't convinced. Asked if they believe the budget will eventually be balanced, a paltry 12 per cent said yes, while 72 per cent said no way. There is broad support for a hike in personal and corporate taxes: 84 per cent … [Read more...]

UPDATES: Budget raises taxes by $327 million

The Liberal Government is raising taxes, selling assets and setting aside more money for children and families in today's provincial budget. It's a pre-election budget that raises taxes by $ 327 million in the coming year--including a one per-cent increase in the corporate income tax rate one year earlier than planned....plus a so-called … [Read more...]

BC Government tables 2013-2014 budget

The provincial government has tabled its 2013-14 budget, calling for a surplus of $ 197 million in the coming fiscal year, with some new programs aimed at children and families Here are some of the highlights: --the surplus will be achieved through a mix of tax increases, spending restraint, asset sales and economic growth --tax hikes will bring … [Read more...]

NDP already have a dim view of tomorrow’s budget

Details won't be known until tomorrow but the provincial NDP are already pouring cold water on the B.C. Government's new budget. Finance critic Bruce Ralston says the idea of a balanced budget is already being panned. "The Globe and Mail had a cartoon this morning with Mike DeJong mounted on a unicorn holding some balloons holding some balloons in … [Read more...]

Finance Minister says budget revamped to include indepenent feedback

Finance minister Mike De Jong says the government quickly revised its provincial budget over the last few days to lower its expected revenue from natural gas royalties in the next year. De Jong says the change was made after advice from independent economist Tim O'Neill, who found the  government over-estimated natural gas revenues in five of … [Read more...]