February 20, 2018

Polak looks to crack down on party buses

B-C'S Transporation Minister says the province is looking for ways to crack down on party buses. Mary Polak's comments come less than two weeks after a 16-year old boy died after being on a party bus in Surrey, and a case in Port Moody where police checked a party bus and found a highly intoxicated youth. "Our question is is there more that we can … [Read more...]

Should buses have seatbelts?

Sunday's bus crash in Oregon raises questions about whether seatbelts in buses should be mandatory. TransLink's issued a statement saying Coast Mountain buses are exempt under the Motor Vehicle Act from having to provide seatbelts for passengers, with the exception of a belt for the wheelchair position and driver. The reason?  It's the … [Read more...]

Translink is losing millions of dollars to fare evasion, on buses alone

The numbers are staggering. CKNW news has learned there were several million people riding the Metro Vancouver bus system for free last year. On board Coast Mountain buses is a button drivers are to push if someone gets on and refuses to pay. Last year drivers pushed that button 2.1 million times. If you multiply that number with the minimum … [Read more...]

Policing the Buses

"Money" appears to be the reason transit police aren't riding Coast Mountain Buses more often. There's long been a call from bus drivers for Transit Police to ride their coaches to help discourage fare evasion and deal with other issues. In the "Transit Police Strategic Plan" it says "over the past five years the Transit Police patrol deployment … [Read more...]

Union says more transit police spotted on buses

The union representing Coast Mountain bus drivers says transit police are finally listening and starting to put officers on buses. Canadian Autoworkers Union local 111 president Don Macleod says it's a change for the better and welcome by the drivers who have for years been asking for police to patrol the buses and the bus loops.  "We did … [Read more...]

Customize your tour through Düsseldorf with the city’s HopOn-HopOff buses

Get the best of a guided tour through Düsseldorf without the strict timetable. Fodor's Travel News … [Read more...]