February 19, 2018

A Guide To Choosing The Right E-Commerce Software For Your Business

One of the great things technology has brought to the business world is the ability to create online shops. E-commerce is now a booming industry in its own right and allows loads of entrepreneurs the chance to start a low-cost business. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably in the midst of starting your very own e-commerce company. As … [Read more...]

Little Extras That Will Ensure Customers Return To Your Spa

The world seems to be getting busier and everyday lives are more stressful than ever before. So much responsibility is put on everyone to achieve so much and juggle a multitude of tasks each day. Therefore, the spa and beauty industry is booming. People need a regular escape in their suburbs, town, or city where they can relax, unwind, and treat … [Read more...]

Why Is It Important Your Business Saves Money In 2015?

Image Source If you’re a small business in 2015, it’s important that you start to think about how you can cut costs and save money. The reasons for this are quite obvious. Firstly, with each passing year the market and the business industry become more competitive. There has never been more businesses on the market at one time. It’s not a … [Read more...]

Mike Volker: The Business Case (What Angels Really Want)

2013 New Ventures BC Regional Seminar Series, made possible by the Discovery Foundation and Innovation Island MIKE VOLKER April 11 2013 Vancouver Island Conference Centre Nanaimo River Room B 12:30pm Registration 1:00pm - 3:30pm Seminar Brief overview Thinking about starting a business? Why? Can you explain what the business opportunity is and how … [Read more...]

Agile Fundamentals for Business Analysts and Project Managers

The Agile Fundamentals for Business Analysts and Project Managers 3-day course (March 25-27, 2013) introduces you to the core values, principles, and practices of Agile – today's #1 project approach. Many project management and business analyst professionals are finding themselves leading, managing and analyzing on Agile development teams. This … [Read more...]

BC Legislature back in business

A rarely-used institution known as the "Provincial Legislature" is back in business today for the first time since last spring.  "Her honour!  The Lieutenant-Governor!" And the first order of business on the first day of the new session is formally ending last year's session. "In closing this fourth session of the 39th parliament of … [Read more...]

Small Business BC’s 10th Annual Successful You Awards Ceremony

Are you looking for a night of inspiration, excitement and celebration? Would you like to mix and mingle with BC’s top business owners? Do good food, fine wine and great people interest you? Then our Successful You Awards Ceremony is the place to be! On February 28th a fantastic crowd of top business owners, industry execs, media and government … [Read more...]

Vancouver film expert doubts Bollywood will bring much business

The President of the Vancouver Film Studios is casting doubt the province grabbing the Times of India Awards sShow will mean any influx of movie jobs into BC.  Pete Mitchell says productions from india are low budget and bring in their own people.  "I saw a clip very recently of a producer from Mumbia when asked if he was going to produce … [Read more...]

Vancouver city councillor wants to move towards mobile business licensing

A Vancouver city councillor says it could be cheaper for small businesses and less of an administrative burden for municipalities. Geoff Meggs is bringing a motion before council next week, hoping to move further towards establishing a mobile business licensing program. Right now, if a business works in more than one municipality, it has to have a … [Read more...]

Former BC Premier says business of committee appointing Auditor General shouldn’t be public

After a bi-partisan committee bound by secrecy elected to seek a replacement for Auditor General John Doyle, a former BC Premier says the private nature of those committees is essential when it comes to making personnel decisions. Ujjal Dosanjh says under the current process, committee members can be frank without worrying about destroying … [Read more...]