December 16, 2017

Big Businesses Continue To Grow In 2015

Credit 2015 is almost over, but we’ve seen some astonishing revelations in the business world this year. Large companies have grown at an astronomical rate that has beat all expectations and predictions from the experts. The economy might be less than perfect, but some companies are making a killing. We wanted to find out what strategies those … [Read more...]

Why Is It Important Your Business Saves Money In 2015?

Image Source If you’re a small business in 2015, it’s important that you start to think about how you can cut costs and save money. The reasons for this are quite obvious. Firstly, with each passing year the market and the business industry become more competitive. There has never been more businesses on the market at one time. It’s not a … [Read more...]

Some businesses are prepared for PST comeback

Many small business owners in Vancouver say they are ready for the switch back to provincial sales tax on Monday, even if they're not happy about it. Gerry Lewarne, co-owner of Crocodile Baby on Fourth Avenue, says he has taken the necessary steps to move away from the harmonized sales tax. “Seems okay. There's no real major problem with … [Read more...]

Family Day not such a great deal for small businesses

Monday marks BC’s first annual Family Day, and as some big chain businesses are taking advantage of the holiday, small businesses are taking a hit. Tourism Whistler is enthusiastic over the new statutory holiday. Jay Maynard, Travel Consultant for Tourism Whistler, says he personally started booking for the long weekend as far back as October … [Read more...]

Vancouver businesses preparing for the departure of the penny

The Royal Canadian Mint will no longer distribute pennies as of today and Vancouver businesses are bracing themselves for some change. Many say they are happy to see the red coin go, but some retailers worry the transition won't be a smooth one. "I like the idea of getting rid of the penny just because it's so expensive to make it, it's kind of a … [Read more...]

NHL lockout conclusion a financial relief for downtown Vancouver businesses

The executive director of the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association says the end of the NHL lockout should be a big money relief. Charles Gauthier says Vancouver Canucks hockey games brought in about one-million bucks per game for the downtown core-- and while that money disappeared as a result of the labour dispute, he's confident it … [Read more...]

No hockey = hardship for local businesses

As the NHL season  dwindles with more games  cancelled, bars and restaurants continue to pay the price. Vancouver Shark Club Manager Tim Murphy says the drop in revenue has been sharp, "For the first couple of months our business is down 40 to 50-per cent a month we've had most of our staff. We've been able to retain but we'll have … [Read more...]

Businesses want more equal compensantion between public, private workers: survey

The Coalition of BC Businesses hopes the Union of BC Municipalities will take note of a recent survey. The poll found most respondents – 90 percent – want compensation for public employees to be in line with what private sector workers receive for the same jobs.   Another 86 percent said the pay and benefits for government … [Read more...]

Possible fan boycott of NHL owners’ other businesses

A handful of hockey fans are fed up with the labour dispute between the N-H-L and the Players' Association, as a possible lockout looms. And they have a new idea to catch the team owner's attention and change the tide. T. J. Tully is an Oilers fan who has set up a website called you-have-two-weeks-dot-com. He says, "the owners have all these others … [Read more...]

What the Canucks’ elimination means for downtown businesses

The Executive Director of the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association says even though bars and restaurants won't have the same crowds now that the Vancouver Canucks are out of the playoffs, they will continue to do well. "There will still be fans that will go and watch hockey, but not certainly in the same numbers that we had, or would … [Read more...]