January 23, 2018

Campbell’s Former Chief of Staff calls on Premier to resign

Martyn Brown the former Chief of Staff for Gordon Campbell called on Premier Christy Clark to resign as Premier. Brown called for the Premier's resignation on The World Today with Jon McComb The ethnic out reach scandal has been added as another chapter in Brown's ebook called "Towards new government in British Columbia". You can … [Read more...]

Group calls for Premier Clark to resign

Below is a news release issued by a group of B.C. Liberals: SURREY, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - March 3, 2013) - Editors Note: There is a photo associated with this press release. "Liberal Party members, especially with ethnic background namely (Indo-Canadian-S. Asians) had a breakfast meeting here in Surrey and agreed to ask Premier Christy … [Read more...]

Premier calls last-minute cabinet meeting

Premier Christy Clark has agreed to an emergency meeting with her cabinet in Vancouver. The B.C. Liberals are in damage control -- following the ethnic strategy memo scandal that, on Friday, led to a resignation in the premier's office. Clark will sit down with her cabinet at 4:00 p.m. Sunday -- and there's speculation some aren't satisfied with … [Read more...]

Slater says no thanks as the Premier calls to secure his budget vote

An independent B.C. MLA has refused to return to the BC Liberal party, despite a call from the premier herself. John Slater, MLA for Boundary-Similkameen, says Christy Clark called him this week, asking if he would rejoin the caucus and support her government's budget, to be tabled on Tuesday. "I said, well, you know, I'm really reluctant because I … [Read more...]

Mother of Chelsey Acorn calls court decision “unbelievable”

A BC mother says it's "unbelievable" one of the men convicted in the death of her daughter has had that conviction overturned, and will now get a new trial. Dustin Moir was convicted of first-degree murder in Chelsey Acorn's death back in 2010, and received a life sentence. The BC Court of Appeal has ordered a new trial, ruling the trial judge did … [Read more...]

Radio calls reveal Queen of the North confusion

Nearly seven years after two people died in the sinking of a BC Ferry, it's a haunting reminder something went horribly wrong that night. Radio transmissions recorded in the early hours of March 22nd, 2006 offer proof of confusion after the Queen of the North ran aground, started taking on water and quickly sank near the community of Hartley … [Read more...]

Polak calls ice bomb bridge debacle “absolutely unacceptable”

One day after chunks of ice crashed down on more than 100 vehicles on the Port Mann bridge, the minister responsible now has something to say about it. "Absolutely unacceptable". Two words Mary Polak used repeatedly during  a lengthy news conference near the bridge. And the  Transportation Minister is blaming contractor Kiewit … [Read more...]

Unions calls Dehua’s move to close a BC mining project intimidation tactic

The two unions trying to block the arrival of two hundred Chinese miners hired to work in a new underground coal mine in Northern BC aren’t buying the reasons from Dehua International Mines Group over why they’re winding down work at the Wapiti River Coal Project. They say shutting down the project is an attempt to intimidate the … [Read more...]

Taxpayer group calls for councillor’s resignation

The BC Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is hitting out at a Central Saanich councillor who took a 6-month paid leave... only to be found working in an exotic locale. Jordan Bateman is calling for Terry Siklenka to resign, after the Times Colonist newspaper reported the councillor appears to be working for an air conditioning company in … [Read more...]

Political group calls for free Transit rides

With Transit fares going up again in the New Year one Vancouver civic party says "enough is enough" and is calling for free transit rides downtown. Former Vancouver councillor with the Coalition of Progressive Electors Tim Louis says Translink should be looking at making certain areas of the system free. Louis says Seattle and Portland already … [Read more...]