February 21, 2018

Just Back From: Canada’s Coolest Carnival

You don't have to be in Rio to celebrate Carnaval—why not head to Quebec to party sub-zero style? Think ice hotels, mulled wine, and maple syrup, and you're in for a real treat. Fodor's Travel News … [Read more...]

Canada’s Immigration Minister talks about amending Citizenship Act so Terrorist Act

Canada's Immigration Minister is speaking to questions surrounding the idea of revoking a person's citizenship if they commit a terrorist act. Jason Kenney wants to look into legislation that could take a dual national's citizenship away. Speaking with CKNW’s Sean Leslie, Kenney was asked about due process, and how it could be determined … [Read more...]

BCCLA to argue in court for changes to Canada’s forfeiture process

The BC Civil Liberties Association is heading to Supreme Court Wednesday to argue that changes need to be made to Canada's forfeiture process... Associate Counsel with the BCCLA Ragi Mangat says right now court decisions are made separately for sentences and forfeitures of offense related property. But, she says, that leaves a lot out of the … [Read more...]

BCCLA: Woman who fought to change Canada’s law on assisted death, has passed away

The BC Civil Liberties Association says Gloria Taylor, the 64 year-old Okanagan woman who fought to change Canada’s law on assisted dying, died yesterday.She was the Association's lead plaintiff in its "death with dignity" lawsuit.BC Supreme Court had granted Taylor a personal exemption allowing her the right to seek a physician-assisted … [Read more...]

Canada’s largest public sector union to hold day of action Saturday

Thousands are expected at nationwide rallies Saturday -- as members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada fight planned cuts. New Democrat MP Kennedy Stewart says local rallies are planned for Vancouver and Surrey. "Speaking out really against the public sector service cuts that we've been having, really that the Harper government's been … [Read more...]

Canada’s top judge visits Vancouver

Canada's top judge says she'd like to see a more diverse judiciary, but not if it means the best people aren't appointed.Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin suggests Canada can do better when it comes to including women and aboriginals on courts across the country, but says it's a difficult balance. "I'm not big on saying token or quota or anything. … [Read more...]

FIFA investigates Canada’s post-game soccer comments

Soccer's governing body, FIFA, is investigating controversial comments made by some of the Canadian women following that heart-breaking semi-final loss to the United States. The Canadians were highly critical of the Norweigian referee. They feel her calls cost them the game. Burnaby superstar Christine Sinclair was among those speaking out after … [Read more...]

Canada’s most-wanted fugitive arrested in Berlin

Fugitive Luka Magnotta is still in Germany where he was arrested by Berlin police, but he could soon be returned to Montreal. Montreal Police commander Ian Lafreniere says the suspect is facing five charges involving the dismemberment of Chinese student Jun Lin. "This is one of the largest manhunts that the Montreal police have been conducting. … [Read more...]

Canada’s Mayors want sustainable funding for infrastructure

The leaders of the country's major cities have met in Saskatoon to talk about ways to do this. As well as press Ottawa to keep the cash flowing so cities can stay competitive. Surrey's Dianne Watts says mayors need to co-ordinate on ways to keep up investment in roads, water and transit, "Whether it's trade, whether it's the change in regulation … [Read more...]