February 17, 2018

Education minister downplays carbon offset concerns in Vancouver

The Minister of Education is panning a Vancouver school district complaint over a funding disparity when it comes to carbon offsets. Don McRae says Vancouver needs to look at the big picture when it comes to money to help  schools become carbon neutral. "Well last year they recieved $ 860,000 in investment and put in less than half of that so … [Read more...]

Environment minister pans idea to hike carbon tax

As a number of environmental groups call for a hike in the carbon tax BC's Environment minister says the idea is interesting but the timing stinks. Terry Lake says he appreciates the case made by the group, led by Tides Canada, but to hike the carbon tax now is simply not the right time. "We need to make sure that we are, again, making those steps … [Read more...]

VSB claims Gov’t shorted carbon offset compensation

The Vancouver School District says the money doled out by the Ministry of Education to compensate for carbon offsets has come up a little short. Trustee Allan Wong says they have received 100-thousand dollars from the Carbon Neutral Capitol Program, "We had a number of submissions. Proposals the 100-thousand dollars, based on their website, is for … [Read more...]

BC Conservatives would repeal carbon tax

The BC Conservatives have revealed how they would spend and save money if elected in May. It starts with the repeal of the carbon tax. The Conservatives say they will make good on their long time promise to repeal the carbon tax. They'll do it over four years, saving 300-million dollars each day. They also say they do not plan to increase taxes or … [Read more...]

Pacific Carbon Trust under government review

After years of complaints, the B.C. government has agreed to review pricing used to levy fees against the public sector for carbon off-sets. Environment Minister Terry Lake now admits changes may be needed to ensure the public sector is getting bang for its buck. "We've shown leadership by having a carbon neutral public sector, but we want to make … [Read more...]

One dead, another in hospital after suspected carbon monoxide poisoning on the Sunshine Coast

A middle-aged man is dead, another in critical condition in an apparent case of carbon monoxide poisoning on the Sunshine Coast. The West Vancouver men were moored in a Halfmoon Bay marina. The marina owner found the men Sunday afternoon, with their boat still running. One man was rushed to hospital, and is expected to be air-lifted to Vancouver … [Read more...]

Carbon tax going over like a lead balloon in rural BC

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is noting the Carbon tax seems to be more unpopular the further away you get from Metro Vancouver. BC Director Jordan Bateman says the legislative committee charged with gathering input on next spring's budget seems to be getting an earful in rural BC.  "It is amazing you read the notes from people in Kelowna, … [Read more...]

A former federal Liberal leader throws his weight behind BC’s carbon tax

BC's beleaguered carbon tax is getting a vote of confidence from a former federal Liberal leader.  MP Stephane Dion says the carbon levy has provided the lowest income tax in Canada for those who earn under $ 100,000 a year in BC.   "You pay less income tax that it would be the case otherwise so it is much better to pay taxes on … [Read more...]

BC’s Finance Minister warns against axing the Carbon tax

If BC's Finance minister has his way the Canadian Taxpayers Federation won't get its wish to have the Carbon tax scrapped.  Kevin Falcon says "I think scrapping it would be a big mistake first of all because it is effective secondly because it has contributed to significant income tax reductions for British Columbians which has given us the … [Read more...]

Environment minister defends carbon tax amid high gas prices

B.C.’s environment minister is defending the carbon tax even as gas prices hit the ceiling. The carbon tax goes up again on July 1, from 5.56 cents per litre to 6.67. "When you look at the big jump in gas prices we've seen lately, the carbon tax is, you know, quite small,” says Terry Lake. Lake says the tax will be reviewed beginning … [Read more...]