February 20, 2018

Transit fare cheats still not paying up

Despite a change in legislation to force fare cheats to pay their fines, Translink says they aren’t yet seeing much of a difference. Spokesperson Derek Zabel says rate of payment of fare evasion tickets is up by less then one percent compared to 2010. We are seeing about an 18-percent return right now but there is a lot of people within that … [Read more...]

Translink fare cheats rush to pay fines after new legislation announced

The province's announcement of plans to crack down on transit fare cheats seems to be having an early effect. Ever since the changes were introduced this week, transit police Insp. David Hansen says phone-boards have lit up with guilty fare cheats wanting to come clean and pay their fines. "I don't have an exact number, but it's enough that we … [Read more...]

Legislative crack down on Translink fare cheats welcomed by Mayors council

The vice chair of the mayors council on regional transportation is hoping a crack down on fare evasion will get transit expansion back on track.  Langley city Mayor Peter Fassbender says transit expansion south of the Fraser has been paused as Translink battles with a $ 30-million shortfall.  He says "My view of that is it is not a … [Read more...]

BC’s Transportation Minister serves notice to Translink fare cheats

Fare evaders take notice, Translink is getting some new teeth. The provincial government is making big changes to the legislation that governs the agency in order to crack down on cheaters. The changes follow an investigation by CKNW that found Translink has no ability to enforce the tickets it hands out to fare evaders. Transportation Minister … [Read more...]