February 21, 2018

Health minister powerless to intervene in Chilliwack chlorine controversy

BC's Health Minister admits she is powerless to intervene as Fraser Health orders Chilliwack to permanently chlorinate its water. Margaret MacDiarmid says it is not appropriate for government to take over from the Health Authorities when it comes to water. That said "I also think that residents of Chilliwack they are very concerned about the … [Read more...]

Cash mobs to show support for two Chilliwack restaurants

The City of Chilliwack plans to send a strong message of support for two restaurants that received racist letters last week. Mayor Sharon Gaetz says cash mobs will jam the two Indian eating establishments to show them the city cares. So we have worked together with the owners to get them ready as the people of Chilliwack will descend on the Bay … [Read more...]

Chilliwack must chlorinate water full-time

Following weeks of arguments, Fraser Health has ordered that Chilliwack's water must be chlorinated, effectively immediately. Chilliwack residents and the mayor have been arguing for weeks that their drinking water supply does not need chlrorine. Fraser Health officials have disagreed, saying they do need a second disinfectant after e-coli was … [Read more...]

Chilliwack water e-coli free once again

The City of Chilliwack says the drinking water in the community is now free of any e-coli contamination after a positive test result yesterday.  Mayor Sharon Gaetz says re-testing results have come back. "The result is a big fat zero." But Gaetz says while the water is now fine they will still launch an investigation to determine how it tested … [Read more...]

Water Quality Advisory issued in Chilliwack

A Water Quality Advisory has been issued for some residents of Chilliwack after samples tested positive for the e-coli bacteria. The affected area is Greendale. The city's standby chlorination system has been activated, but it will take approximately 12 hours for for the disinfectant to reach the area. Residents are advised to run water  to … [Read more...]

A feisty public meeting over water chlorination in Chilliwack

The vast majority of 500 to 600 people left the meeting with the feeling that the fix is in and Fraser Health will just put chlorine in their drinking water. They think that Chief Medical Health Officer Paul Van Buynder has his mind made up. There will be no hearing from Van Buynder after he was whisked out a back door and away from … [Read more...]

A water fight in Chilliwack

The Fraser Health Authority has notified the city that it must add a secondary disinfectant to its drinking water, namely, chlorine.  Mayor Sharon Gaetz says people are concerned about possible health hazards, as well as the 1.5-million-dollar price tag. She adds the city already takes extra special care of its water, "We flush our pipes … [Read more...]

Verdict expected for Chilliwack man accused of murdering teen runaway

The verdict is expected Monday at the Chilliwack trial of a man accused of murdering a teen runaway more than seven years ago. Jesse Blue West was charged with the first degree murder of 14-year old Chelsea Acorn. She disappeared in the fall of 2005.  Her body was found the following April near Hope. West’s son Dustin Blue Moir has been … [Read more...]

Arrest made in connection with Chilliwack shooting

RCMP say a shooting in Chillwack early yesterday morning was not gang-related, but say both the suspect and the victim are known to police. A 31 year old man has been arrested in connection with the shooting that sent a 46 year old man to hospital. Police were called by the victim about 4:45 am yesterday. Mounties say around 1 pm, a 31 year old … [Read more...]

Mounties investigating shooting in Chilliwack

Mounties are investigating a shooting in Chilliwack. They say they were called to the area of Ashwell Road and Wolfe Road around 4:45 Saturday morning and found a 46 year old man with gun shot wounds. Police believe the shooting was targeted. They say they don't believe it is related to any recent gang murders in the Lower Mainland. The victim was … [Read more...]