February 17, 2018

Richmond City Council nixes Chinese only sign ban

Richmond City Council decided not to do anything after being asked to pass a law banning Chinese only signs. Anne Merdinyan  presented council with a petition signed by 1000 people to  support the idea of English or French signage. Merdinyan  says white people in Richmond are the "new minority" and something must be done. "We feel … [Read more...]

Debate over Chinese only signs back before Richmond City Council

A Richmond City Councillor says he's open to hearing from two residents who are concerned about the amount of Chinese signage in the city.  Chak Au says council could revist the issue -- as two women, armed with a petition, are set to make a presentation on Monday saying there is too much Chinese-only signage.  "I'm open on this one … [Read more...]

WSJ and NYT accuse Chinese hackers of infiltrating their newsgathering systems

And the saga continues. Just a year after Bloomberg News was reportedly targeted by Chinese hackers, both The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times have independently published reports suggesting that they too are being probed. Both organizations seem to think that it's all part of a larger scheme, with Chinese hackers sifting through … [Read more...]

Chinese mine workers heading for home

The mining company that hired Chinese workers to toil in a BC mine say those workers are heading home.  HD Mining says 16 workers hired for preparatory work at a mine in Tumbler Ridge are returning to China. They say they're "very concerned" about the "cost and disruption" from a legal challenge brought by two unions over the use of those … [Read more...]

Judge dismisses attempt to block more Chinese miners

A Federal court judge has dismissed efforts to block 60 more Chinese miners from coming to BC. Two unions sought the injunction in ongoing efforts to keep foreigners from taking jobs which could possibly be done by Canadians. Their lawyer, Charles Gordon,  says there's no need to appeal the latest ruling which favours the operators of a new … [Read more...]

Chinese miner files human rights complaint

A temporary worker from China hired to work in a northern BC coal mine has filed a human rights complaint against the United Steelworkers of America. The union's Steve Hunt says  the complaint comes as no surprise. "I guess it was expected. When all else fails, you know, attack, I guess. That's what they are doing. They have failed in court, … [Read more...]

Chinese miners dispute back before Federal Court

Lawyers are back in court today fighting over whether foreign workers can be employed by a northern BC mine under the federal temporary foreign worker program. 17 workers have already arrived from China to work at the Tumbler Ridge project. 60 more are expected to arrive sometime over the next week. Union lawyers are asking for an injunction to … [Read more...]

Judge sides with unions in Chinese miners dispute

Unions fighting the company who hired Chinese miners to work a northern BC mine have cleared another hurdle.  The court has ruled that HD Mining will have to hand over all documents submitted to the government with their applications to hire foreign workers for their Tumbler Ridge mine. The judge said they must also give the unions access to … [Read more...]

Court rules in favour of unions over controversial hiring of Chinese miners

Two unions trying to block the hiring of Chinese workers for a new underground coal mine in northern B.C. have scored their first victory in federal court. Justice Douglas Campbell has ruled in favour of the unions, granting them permission to fight for access to records that let up to 300 Chinese nationals into Canada on temporary visas. Union … [Read more...]

BC government again asked to intervene in Chinese miners dispute

While we wait for a Federal Court judge to rule on whether two unions should access documents being used to bring 100's of Chinese miners to Canada, BC's Minister of Energy and Mines is also being asked to intervene. Lawyers for the United Steelworkers Union have sent Rich Coleman a five-page letter regarding HD Mining's plans to operate an … [Read more...]