January 19, 2018

Falcon says he “absolutely” supports Premier Clark

Liberal MLA Kevin Falcon is back at the Legislature today for the first time since he raised questions about Premier Christy Clark in a newspaper interview last week. Falcon had suggested Clark overstepped by promising to build the world's tallest wood building in Prince George when the Treasury Board had made it clear there was not enough money … [Read more...]

A new headache for the Clark government

It's the last thing the Clark government needs: Another scandal. Cabinet ministers Pat Bell and Shirley Bond are under fire for their alleged roles in trying to influence a 25-million dollar government project in Prince George. At issue is whether Bell and Bond exerted pressure to secure funding for a wood development centre in their hometown of … [Read more...]

Clark says she won’t resign over bungled ethnic outreach plan

Premier Christy Clark wants to set the record straight: She will not resign as a result of the botched ethnic outreach strategy. Clark was asked if she might step down if an ongoing investigation leads back to her. She says it won't.  "I've never seen the document, I had no involvement in the creation of the document so I can tell you I'm … [Read more...]

Clark to lead Liberals into next election

BC's premier faced the media after an almost three hour cabinet meeting to try and re-affirm her leadership after a disastrous week for the Liberals. Christy Clark emerged all smiles and told waiting media the Liberals are a great group of people and everyone is on the same page. While the words were rosy, Clark actually ended the scrum before … [Read more...]

Group calls for Premier Clark to resign

Below is a news release issued by a group of B.C. Liberals: SURREY, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - March 3, 2013) - Editors Note: There is a photo associated with this press release. "Liberal Party members, especially with ethnic background namely (Indo-Canadian-S. Asians) had a breakfast meeting here in Surrey and agreed to ask Premier Christy … [Read more...]

Liberal MLA not saying whether caucus members will ask Christy Clark to step down

Liberal MLA Kash Heed isn't saying whether caucus members will be asking Premier Christy Clark to step down. But Heed says people will be asking for an explanation about certain things. "People I hope, will maintain what we've discussed and call people to the carpet and hold these people accountable." Heed says there have been discussions with some … [Read more...]

Clark ‘just delighted’ to have former rival running for Liberals

Premier Christy Clark rejects any suggestion the Liberals' nomination race in Vancouver-False Creek didn't go her way. The race featured Clark’s friend, Lorne Mayencourt, and former Vancouver mayor Sam Sullivan, who, with 53 per cent of the vote, secured the nomination. An interesting result to political watchers, since Sullivan upset Clark … [Read more...]

Party logos: More Adrian Dix, less Christy Clark

With less than three months to go until election day, both of British Columbia's major political parties have altered their logos. It's a case of more Adrian Dix and less Christy Clark. The BC Liberals have removed any reference to the premier from the party logo -- which now reads: "Today's BC Liberals." The logo previously featured Christy … [Read more...]

Deputy Premier says people need to give Christy Clark a chance

The Deputy Premier is dismissing an Angus Reid poll which seems to show the public is none too fond of Christy Clark.  Rich Coleman was asked if he was surprised respondants to the poll found the premier to be "out of touch" "arrogant" "secretive" and "inefficient." "Yeah because she is not any of those. If I wanted to describe her she is one … [Read more...]

Clark government spends 12 million dollars on “copycat” awards show

We could have hosted the real Bollywood Oscars *after* the provincial election. Instead, the Liberal government is spending 12 million dollars on a so-called "copycat" award show in Vancouver just six weeks before the May vote. And the timing may have been a key factor in the government's decision. The brand new Times of India Film awards take … [Read more...]