January 21, 2018

Drivers dinged by faulty breathalyzers will be cleared

BC's Justice Minister  says 14 drivers given roadside driving bans after faulty readings by breathalyzers will be cleared. Shirley Bond says the files have been reviewed by the office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles. She says each file is being looked at to determine what else may need to be done, including reimbursement. "This … [Read more...]

VPD cleared in October death of intoxicated man

BC's Independent Investigations Office has cleared Vancouver Police of any wrong-doing in the death of a man in their custody on October 7th. Officers investigating a disturbance call at a park in the 900 block of West 7th picked up the intoxicated man and rather than arresting him, offered him a ride home. By the time they arrived seven … [Read more...]

NDP Finance critic wants the deficit confusion cleared up quickly

The NDP's Finance critic wants clarity when it comes to BC's deficit.  Bruce Ralston isn't pointing fingers but says the Public Sector Accounting Board needs to make a decision.   "I think what the public expects is they expect accuracy and clarity and thats a reasonable expectation so it needs to be resolved one way or the other and … [Read more...]

Father angry after RCMP cleared in son’s shooting

The Office of the Police Complaints Commissioner (OPCC) released a report Wednesday that ruled the three Mounties used reasonable force when they killed Alvin Wright in his Langley home in August 2010. The officers said Alvin confronted them with a hunting knife and hatchet, and he was shot after he stepped toward an officer with the knife … [Read more...]

Father angry cops cleared in fatal shooting

LANGLEY, B.C. - The father of a man shot dead by police in his own bedroom in Langley, B.C. says he's not surprised the Police Complaints Commission has ruled the officers did nothing wrong.Allan Wright is angry that Commissioner Stan Lowe has ruled the three Mounties used reasonable force when they killed Alvin Wright in August of 2010 after the … [Read more...]

Cop who fired fatal shot to head cleared

VANCOUVER - A Vancouver police officer who repeatedly fired at a man and killed him with a shot to the head nearly five years ago will not be charged.Police Complaint Commissioner Stan Lowe said Monday that extensive investigations have not produced any evidence to suggest Const. Lee Chipperfield used unnecessary or excessive force in handling the … [Read more...]

“Avengers” Promos, Speculation Cleared Up

If you love your promo shots, your superhero news factoids and your Marvel heroes, today is heaven for you. So many blue steel looks, so little time so lets gets started. First up the gossip. A comment by actress Jenny Agutter to Radio Times about misparked trailers has been blown out of proportion to the point that some circles online firmly … [Read more...]

B.C. police officers cleared of kicking man

VANCOUVER - Two Victoria police officers who repeatedly kicked and kneed a man in the head after a March 2010 brawl outside a local night club won't be disciplined for abusing their authority.Chief Const. Dave Jones of the New Westminster Police Service ruled in his recent Police Act investigation that the use of force by Constables Brendan … [Read more...]

Langley Mounties cleared in fatal shooting

VANCOUVER - RCMP officers in the Vancouver suburb of Langley have been cleared of any wrongdoing in the fatal shooting of a young father.Members of the Vancouver Police Department were asked to review the Aug. 6, 2010, death of Jeffrey James Alvin Wright, a 22-year-old father of a baby girl.Police have said Wright was shot after he confronted … [Read more...]