February 20, 2018

Lockheed Martin’s technology hub brings startups closer to government needs

Wondering who would be the first to concoct a Kickstarter for governmental wishes? We suppose it's Lockheed Martin. Today, the aforementioned outfit has launched an initiative "aimed at expanding its collaboration with Silicon Valley companies to meet the diverse technology needs of the federal government." Called the Lockheed Martin Silicon Valley … [Read more...]

Getting closer to Translink funding…really?

The Translink Mayor's Council is getting close to narrowing down transit funding options. Langley City Mayor and Vice-Chair of the Mayor's Council, Peter Fassbender, says there are a variety of  funding options on the table for discussion, "We're looking at things like some form of traffic demand management, congestion pricing, time of … [Read more...]

Twinning of pipeline needs a closer look

People living in Metro Vancouver and in areas like Kamloops are at risk if the Trans-Mountain Pipeline expansion gets the go ahead.  That is the message from the Wilderness Committee's Ben West ahead of a town hall on the Kinder Morgan proposal in Burnaby Wednesday evening. West says the existing pipeline route up for expansion runs through … [Read more...]

A Closer Look At Superman’s Tights

Coming Soon has posted some photos from the floor of the annual Licensing Expo in Las Vegas where costumes from the upcoming Superman film "Man of Steel" are on display including Henry Cavill's Superman outfit and Russell Crowe's Jor-El getup. The photos give us a proper look at the costumes: Dark Horizons - News … [Read more...]

Naoki Maru’s Real King Kizer gets closer to Real Steel with motion sensing (video)

Naoki Maru's Real King Kizer, the boxing robot to end all boxing robots, has been around for a hot minute, but the latest upgrade is bound to make even Wolverine Hugh Jackman take notice. The Real Steel-like setup was created when an Xtion Pro Live sensor (hint: it's like Kinect) was thrown into the equation. The 3-foot, 2-inch boxer was then … [Read more...]

Quantum speed limits within reach, present moves ever closer to future

Got your wire-rimmed spectacles on? Had a full night's rest? Eager to get those synapses firing? Here's hoping, because Marc Cheneau and co. are doing everything they can to stretch the sheer meaning of quantum understanding. The aforesaid scientists recently published an article that details a method for measuring quantum particle interaction in a … [Read more...]

Closer to a deal for RCMP?

The province and Ottawa could be on the fast track to get a deal done to keep the mounties in BC. Municipal observer of the talks Langley City Mayor Peter Fassbender says the two sides have made major headway. When asked if that means a deal could be signed sealed and delivered soon Fassbender said:   "......I think that if we get things … [Read more...]

Farmiga, Strong Get “Closer To The Moon”

Vera Farmiga ("Up in the Air") and Mark Strong ("Sherlock Holmes") have joined Nae Caranfil's Russia-set period drama "Closer to the Moon" reports Deadline. Strong plays Max Rosenthal, the former head of a Bucharest police criminal investigation unit. He and four prominent Jews pulled off a bank robbery while assuring the crowds they were filming … [Read more...]