February 21, 2018

Ed Solomon Comes On To Rewrite “Colossus”

"Men in Black" scribe Ed Solomon has been hired to pen a rewrite of "Colossus" at Universal Pictures. Will Smith is attached to star. The story is a remake of the 1970's "Colossus: The Forbin Project", based on a book by D.F. Jones, and is something of a precursor to "The Terminator." The story deals with a supercomputer being built for the … [Read more...]

Doyle: Maximus deal comes up short

Auditor General John Doyle says a ten year, 324 million dollar deal between the province and American based "Maximus" has not produced all the expected benefits. Maximus operates BC's Pharmacare and Medical Services Plans. The expected benefits were improved service levels to the public and health care providers, updated systems, and improved … [Read more...]

Skytrain witness comes forward

Transit police say the witness they'd been looking for in connection with the bomb found on Skytrain tracks earlier this month has come forward. Police say he has been co-operative and provided valuable information. An explosive device was found on the guideway between Gateway and Scott Road stations.   Transit police say the investigation is … [Read more...]

Trudeau II comes to town

Federal Liberal leadership candidate Justin Trudeau gave a well-received speech to about 900 people at a Richmond ballroom Wednesday evening. Trudeau began by talking about his BC roots. How his mom is from here and how his grandfather lived in BC and was a MP. He talked about the need for a thriving middle class, "We need to learn what we have … [Read more...]

“Top Chef” Pop-Up Restaurant Comes to NYC

There have been tours and spin-offs, but not a Top Chef Kitchen...until now. The pop-up restaurant is set to open in NYC on Oct 16. We're thinking of it as a sort of real-life Restaurant Wars. Fodor's Travel News … [Read more...]

SCOC decision comes Friday

The Supreme Court of Canada will release its decision Friday on whether Vancouver sex workers can challenge the country's prostitution laws. Canada's top Court will release its ruling on an appeal made by the Federal Government to try and stop the sex workers' challenge. Katrina Pacey says her clients want to dispute laws including a ban on keeping … [Read more...]

When it comes to the Northern Gateway hearings a Liberal MP says the fix is in

The federal Liberals are accusing the Harper government of 'fixing' environmental processes to get the results they want.  Liberal MP, and former leader, Stephane Dion says when it comes to the hearings into the Northern Gateway oil pipeline, the result will be one the Harper government desired.  "So he is saying we will have an … [Read more...]

Community comes together to grieve and honour the fallen

An act of violence in Wisconsin over the weekend, brought hundreds together in Surrey last night in a multi-faith gathering of peace and prayer. At the Guru Nanak Gurdwara, those being honoured were the victims of the shooting at a temple in a Milwaukee suburb. There were prayers and all faiths were welcome, "May God bless their souls, … [Read more...]

“Courageous Cat” Comes To The Screen

Evergreen Media Group has acquired the film rights to the 1960s cartoon series "Courageous Cat" and are planning a contemporary live-action/CGI feature reports Deadline. "Batman" creator Bob Kane came up with the original cartoon which parodied Kane's earlier Batman work. The plan is to now reboot the property with a new mythology for the … [Read more...]

Province comes through with shelter funding

The provincial government is providing some extra cash to extend the life of the First United Homeless Shelter in Vancouver. Existing funding was set to expire at the end of this month, but the government says it'll provide up to one million dollars to keep the shelter open for one more year. The government says 240 people have been housed through … [Read more...]