January 19, 2018

Come Together! Getting A Community Fun Day Set Up

Flickr It's a great way to get families, friends and people who never met together. Organizing a fun day for charity is fantastic because, not just the fact that you are raising money for charity, but it's a great way to bring people together. Lots of neighborhoods nowadays aren't that particularly close-knit so you could use this as an … [Read more...]

Holdout community centres want to hear from you

Six community centres continuing to refuse to negotiate with the Park Board want more people to let the city know what they think. The holdout centres have formed My Vancouver Community Centres and are laying out the road map to help others if they want to tell the city and Park Board that the plan to pool resources isn't the right approach. Eric … [Read more...]

Activists, community members applaud local governments’ stance on coal export expansion

Several Metro Vancouver municipalities are getting applause  from coal activists and people from the White Rock, Surrey and Bellingham areas - for expressing concerns about coal export expansion. More than 100 people came out Sunday in White Rock to show support and celebrate. Climate change activist Kevin Washbook says he's pleased with … [Read more...]

Commissioner speaks out on Community Centre plans

An NPA Park Board Commissioner is hoping the third time is the charm as she pushes for more public consultations in a dispute with community centres.  Melissa de Genova says after being ruled out of order twice, her motion asking for a series of public consultations will be debated and voted on, Monday, "Well, if they vote it down, I think … [Read more...]

Emergency meeting on community centres underway

The battle over control of Vancouver community centres is the topic of what is being billed as an "emergency meeting" going on right now. The new framework approved by commissioners last week, despite massive opposition, will see a pooling of revenue to allow more equal services to be delivered to centers across the city. Ainsley Kwan is president … [Read more...]

Community centres hold special public meeting as they continue to protest revenue sharing

Some Vancouver Community Centres are not giving up their fight against the City's Park Board plan to centralizing surplus funding. Hillcrest Community Association is holding a special community meeting on the decision Monday, and have invited the entire park board. Association Chair Jesse Johl says the plan to spread revenue to community centres in … [Read more...]

The Education Community is mourning the death of a prominent Vancouver Early Learning expert

A UBC researcher and expert in early learning has passed away. Vancouver School Board Chair Patti Bacchus says Dr. Clyde Hertzman was a leader in research and education regarding the impacts of poverty on early learning -- and on early childhood education in general. She says Hertzman was well-known to everyone in the educational community. "And I … [Read more...]

Vancouver Park Board to hold meeting on community centre revenue proposal

The Vancouver Park Board will be holding a special public meeting Monday night on a plan to make community centre revenue across the city more equitable. The plan would see community centres pooling surpluses to help out a handful of centres in less affluent neighbourhoods. Park Board Staff say patrons of those centres can't afford to pay the same … [Read more...]

Support for BC’s creative community

The BC government has announced a three part strategy for BC's creative sector but at least one person in the film industry says it's not enough. The strategy is called "BC Creative Futures" and Minister of Community Sport and Cultural Development Bill Bennett says 6.25 million dollars is going into new and expanded existing programs like … [Read more...]

Park Board hears from very upset Community Centre neighbours

The Board proposes a plan that would redistribute funding to help 'have not' centres.  Staff would centralize certain costs at each centre, such as bookkeeping, to save money and not cut programs. But Kerrisdale Centre members say they fear those cuts, and that they manage their centre just fine, "We are starting a campaign to get the city's … [Read more...]